Screw Bomber

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Screw Bomber
Artwork of a Screw Bomber from Mega Man 1
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 1
HP: 3
Damage: 1 (contact)

2 (projectile)

Screw Bomber (or "Screw Driver", depending on localization) is an enemy from Mega Man 1, introduced in the initial release of Mega Man Maker. It is a small screw-shaped enemy that can be placed on either the top or the bottom of a block. It will only activate once the player is within its range (about 6 blocks), at which point it will extend and fire two volleys of five shots in a semi-circle around it.

They are also weak to Rolling Cutter, Fire Storm and Thunder Beam, weapons that despite their power can destroy them in one fell swoop.

A Screw Bomber before it extends.
A Screw Bomber after it extends.