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DLN No.03 Cutman
Yes, that's my persona, kinda. I don't have a true persona.
Role: Wiki Strike Force/Team
Also known as Hot Cross Bun (Discord)
Gender: Male (Uses They/Them)
Lives in A House
Discord: Hot Cross Bun#0559

Hi! I'm Cut Man, or Hot Cross Bun, As known on Discord. I work on adding Images and most of the minor pages, including weapons. I request that you do not destroy this text. I may or may not work on the MaGMML Wiki as well.

But that part of the adding Images and most of the minor pages has more so turned into, well.... Everything, since the server crash. I've been working with the rest of the Wiki Strike Team to bring everything back to how it was before. So if you see me around, Hi!

I support Big Fish Supremacy.