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Official art of Pipi from Mega Man 2
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 2

Pipi is a flying bird robot enemy that originates from Mega Man 2 and makes an appearance in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man II, and Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Pipi was the first asset to be shown off for version 1.7.0 of Mega Man Maker.[1]

A Pipi attacks by dropping an egg if it is 3 or less tiles next to the player character's vertical axis. Upon contact with a solid floor, the egg cracks in two and a flock of seven small Pipis called "Copipis" are released. The Copipis fly in a straight path to the player character's latest position. If the egg is destroyed before it collides with a solid floor, the Pipi is destroyed before it released the egg or the egg falls down a pit, the Copipis are not released. Pipis come in three different colors—light-orange and white, dark-orange and light-orange, and dark-pink and white.


  • The sneak peek in the announcement of Pipi's addition to Mega Man Maker version 1.7.0[1] uses a ladder maze section from Crash Man's original level in Mega Man 2.
  • The Pipi is the first enemy that was announced on a holiday, in this case Easter.