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== Trivia ==
*Ice Man's tileset description is a reference to the Lazy Town song "We Are Number One", which became a meme in 2016. In a part of the song, Robbie Rotten, the villain and singer throws a banana with the intention of making Sportacus, the good guy, slip.
*Time Man's tileset description references his level being Clock Tower-themed.
*Freeze Man's tileset description references the flavor text that appears on the boss introduction screens in ''Rockman 7''.
*Snake Man's tileset description references the Tunnel Snakes from the ''Fallout'' series.
*The descriptions of Wind Man's and Yamato Man's tilesets reference that both of them are the same, expect for a small change.
*Knight Man's tileset description references the fact his level is based on England.
*Quick Man's tileset description references Sonic The Hedgehog, a fast blue hedgehog starring in the same-named series.
*All the Mega Man 2 Wily tileset's descriptions reference the themes of the levels they are used at.
**The first tileset also references the hard ladder parts.
**The fourth tileset references the fact that in-game some of these tiles were fake.
***Tomahawk's tileset description also references the fact the original Mega Man 2 Wily 1 rock tiles have not been added until 1.5.
*Skull Man's tileset jokes on the infamous Atari Jaguar.
*Spark Man's tileset jokes on Bitcoins.
*Spring Man's tileset jokes on Bouncy Castle from MaGMML2.
*One tile that actually was from Shade Man's stage was mistakenly listed as one from Slash Man's stage.
*Shade Tile's description has a reference to ''Ghosts n' Goblins''. Shade Man's stage in ''Mega Man 7'' was an homage to the levels of that game.
*Astro Tile 2 (alt)'s description uses the tile's "lemon and lime" coloration to reference the tendency of fans to call 8-Bit Mega Man's [[Mega Buster|buster shots]] "lemons" and 16-Bit Mega Man X's half-charged buster shots "limes".
*The first two Endless tilesets from ''Mega Man 10'' take jabs at both ''Tetris'' and ''Super Smash Bros.''
*MM10's Endless tileset No.20 references Dracula's iconic quote from ''Castlevania: Symphony of the Night''.
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Tilesets are a category of placeable objects in Mega Man Maker. They are static, solid objects that are used to create terrain in levels. There are many different tilesets, but very few provide gameplay differences, with most of the different designs being for aesthetic purposes. As well as these, spikes and ladders are also considered tilesets, but once again, the different types don't have different functions.

List of Tilesets

Mega Man 1

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 1.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
SprCatTilesIcons 3.png Cut Tile Iconic, if only because 90 percent of Mega Man Maker levels use it. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 4.png Guts Tile Concrete flooring and walls surrounding sedimentary rock. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 21.png Ice Tile Now watch, and learn, here's the deal. You'll slip and slide on this, uh, ice. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 23.png Bomb Tile Patterned aluminum sheets aren't very secure, but Bomb Man isn't about safety. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 22.png Fire Tile Solid steel pathways and walls. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 5.png Elec Tile In case all the lightning wasn't enough, we colored these tiles yellow. 1.0+
MM1ElecTile2.gif Elec Tile 2 What a waste of electricity. The capsules shouldn't be on all the time! 1.6+
SprCatTilesIcons 129.png Time Tile Purple bricks. Use them if you ever want to build a clock tower for some reason. 1.1+
MM1TimeTileAlt.png Time Tile (Alt) Finally available in the radical new style color! 1.6+
SprCatTilesIcons 130.png Oil Tile This sand is so precious it's protected by solid steel. 1.1+
TstMM1Wily1 2.png Wily 1 Tile Wily's *true* first ever tileset. It's aged slightly better. 1.5+
SprCatTilesIcons 131.png Wily 1 Tile 2 Wily's first tileset. it hasn't aged too well. 1.1+
Wily2tiles.png Wily 2 Tile A slighty darker Wily 1 Tile. Truly the most creative tileset. 1.4+
MM1Wily3Tiles.png Wily 3 Tile An incredibly simplified and worse-looking Oil Tile. 1.4+
Wily4Tile.png Wily 4 Tile A blue version of the Wily 1 Tile. He was probably pressed for time. 1.4+

Mega Man 2

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 2.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Bubble tiles.png Bubble Tile A simple white tile that fits well in water levels. 1.0+
TstBubble2.png Bubble Tile (Alt) It's now more damp. Bubble Tile 2: The Dampening. 1.5+
Air tiles.png Air Tile Glass bricks that do not connect to any other tile. 1.0+
Quick tiles.png Quick Tile Made of the essence of fast itself. That's why it's blue, you know. 1.0+
TstQuick2.png Quick Tile (Alt) Look, ma, we made these tiles look right the first time! 1.5+
Wood tiles.png Wood Tile We're not sure if this is made of wood or dirt. I'll ask Wood Man later. 1.0+
Crash tiles.png Crash Tile An elaborate maze of tubes that makes about as much sense as its stage. 1.0+
TstFlashS1.png Flash Tile 1 In case you wanted the iconic tiles without eyeburn. Slippery terrain 1.5+
TstFlashS2.png Flash Tile 2 In case you wanted other the iconic tiles without eyeburn. Slippery terrain 1.5+
??? Flash Tile 1 (Animated) A highly requested tile, it truly is a flash in the dark. No. 1. Slippery terrain. The tile is animated. 1.5+
??? Flash Tile 2 (Animated) A highly requested tile, it truly is a flash in the dark. No. 2. Slippery terrain. The tile is animated. 1.5+
??? Flash Tile 3 (Animated) A highly requested tile, it truly is a flash in the dark. No. 3. Slippery terrain. The tile is animated. 1.5+
Metal tiles.png Metal Tile Screws, gears and assorted metal objects make up this tileset. 1.0+
Heat tiles.png Heat Tile Magma-scorched bricks, connected by metal pipes. 1.0+
TstMM2Wily1 2.png Wily 1 Tile Even without the music, these tiles are to be used with caution. 1.5+
TstMM2Wily1 2Alt.png Wily 1 Tile 2 Alt Perfect castle bricks for tight corridor jokes. 1.5+
Mm2w1 tiles.png Wily 1 Tile 2 Perfect for the exterior of a fortress... Just bring enough weapon energy. 1.2+
Mm2w2 tiles.png Wily 2 Tile This tileset is the color of flying over unnecessarily large spike pits. 1.2+
Wily3Tile.png Wily 3 Tile This tile may appear original, but it is actually just Wily 2. 1.4+
TstMM2Wily3 2.png Wily 3 Tile (Alt) Mega Man! The Big Fish is coming! Oh God, he can't hear us. 1.5+
Mm2w4 tiles.png Wily 4 Tile Don't worry, the floor is always solid in this game... I think. 1.2+
TstMM2Wily6.png Wily 5 Tile I doubt you can make an entire stage of this. Unless your name is Natnat. 1.5+
Mm2w6 tiles.png Wily 6 Tile These tiles are rumored to absorb all music from the area. 1.2+

Mega Man 3

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 3.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Mm3 sparktile animated.gif Spark Tile An elaborate maze of electronics. Can apparently be used to mine Bitcoins. This tileset is animated. 1.0+
Snake tiles.png Snake Tile Use these tiles to create a tunnel, and you'll rule. 1.0+
TstSnake2.png Snake Tile 2 Sky-High towers... with a ridiculous amount of dithering, oh my. 1.5+
Needle tiles.png Needle Tile Fancy orange tiles that fit well in any environment. 1.0+
TstNeedle2.png Needle Tile 2 Needle Man revised his tileset after the doc paid a visit. 1.5+
Top tiles.png Top Tile That's just grass, I swear. 1.0+
TstTop2.png Top Tile 2 If you build a skyscraper with these you'll be at the top of the world! 1.5+

File:TstShadow 2.png File:TstShadow 3.png

Shadow Tile Only some poor bubbles? Where are my lava streams?? 1.5+
Magnet tiles.png Magnet Tile Miscellaneous wires and iron plates protect electromagnets inside. 1.0+
MM3MagnetTile2.png Magnet Tile 2 Ah, the days when cooperation was still important for the doctors... 1.6+
Gemini tiles.png Gemini Tile To this day we're unsure what Gemini Man has to do with his stage. 1.0+
TstGeminiS1.png Gemini Tile 2 Some strange fleshy squares in blue. 1.5+
TstGeminiS2.png Gemini Tile 3 Some strange fleshy squares in red. 1.5+
TstGeminiS3.png Gemini Tile 4 Some strange fleshy squares in orange. 1.5+

TstGeminiS2.png TstGeminiS3.png

Gemini Tile 2 (Animated) Some strange fleshy squares in alternating colors. No. 1. This tileset is animated. 1.5+

TstGeminiS3.png TstGeminiS1.png

Gemini Tile 3 (Animated) Some strange fleshy squares in alternating colors. No. 2. This tileset is animated. 1.5+

TstGeminiS1.png TstGeminiS2.png

Gemini Tile 4 (Animated) Some strange fleshy squares in alternating colors. No. 3. This tileset is animated. 1.5+
Hard tiles.png Hard Tile Basically Guts Man's tileset, but with green instead of grey. 1.0+
TstMM3Wily1 3.png Wily 1 Tile This tileset rocks! 1.5+
TstMM3Wily1 4.png Wily 1 Tile 2 This tileset metals! Er...well, both are music styles, so that works. 1.5+
Mm3w1 tiles.png Wily 1 Tile 3 The perfect tileset for all of your sewer needs, whatever they may be. 1.2+
TstMM3Wily1 2.png Wily 1 Tile 3 (Alt) Moss not included with this version. 1.5+
Mm3w2 tiles.png Wily 2 Tile Lighter version of the Wily 3 tile. 1.2+
Mm3w3 tiles.png Wily 3 Tile Darker version of the Wily 2 tile. 1.2+
TstMM3Wily4 2.png Wily 4 Tile The second most perfect tileset for all your sewer and castle needs. 1.5+
Wily4tiles.png Wily 4 Tile 2 It's blue. It's metallic. Yeah. 1.4+
Wily5tiles.png Wily 5 Tile One of the few times wily tried orange tiles. Or maybe it's just rust. 1.4+
Wily6Tiles.png Wily 6 Tile This tile builds tension for an underwhelming final boss fight 1.4+

Mega Man 4

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 4.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Ring tiles.png Ring Tile We received a lot of confused messages about the quantity of glass we needed. 1.0+
Dive tiles.png Dive Tile Not the prettiest shade of green, but it works. 1.0+
TstDive2.png Dive Tile (Alt) These odd tubes don't come with the whirling orange water. 1.5+
Skull tiles.png Skull Tile Fossils of extinct species like the Atari Jaguar mixed with purple rocks. 1.0+
File:Bright tiles 1.png

File:Bright tiles 2.png

Bright Tile We're not sure why Cossack was so obsessed with pink and green. This tileset is animated. 1.0+
Dust tiles.png Dust Tile We're not sure what that mess in the middle is, either. 1.0+
TstDust2.png Dust Tile 2 Various pipes and chutes for collecting the trash in the arena. 1.5+
Drill tiles.png Drill Tile Pink rocks are a surprise for sure, but a welcome one. 1.0+
TstDrill2.png Drill Tile Same as the first drill but with mechanical parts. 1.5+
TstToad2.png Toad Tile Dam, this tileset is quite boring. 1.5+
Toad tiles.png Toad Tile 2 Mossy bricks which vaguely smell of pizza. 1.0+
Pharaoh tiles.png Pharaoh Tile Sorry, but these tiles are clearly just made of regular rock. 1.0+
TstPharaoh2.png Pharaoh Tile 2 Lost cousin of the original, this one adds runes and hieroglyphs. 1.5+
MM4PharaohTile3.png Pharaoh Tile 3 Scientists are unable to uncover these blocks' secrets to this day. 1.6+
TstCossack1 2.png Cossack 1 Tile Apparently some people think this has snow physics. It doesn't. 1.5+
Cossack1 tiles.png Cossack 1 Tile 2 Russian yellow metal slated over some cold Russian slippery ice. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.3+
TstCossack2.png Cossack 2 Tile This tile is more colorful than a two-flavored popsicle. 1.5+
Cossack3 tiles.png Cossack 3 Tile A grid of rhombuses over some yellow colored metal. 1.3+
MM4Cossack3Tile2.png Cossack 3 Tile 2 Hmm, yes. The pipes here are made of pipes. 1.6+
TstCossack4.png Cossack 4 Tile Versatile pipes and blocks, with a dedicated vent system in there. 1.5+
MM4Cossack4Tile2.png Cossack 4 Tile 2 Wonderfully rounded edges make this a fan-favorite. 1.6+
Mm4wily1 tiles.png Wily 1 Tile This tileset comes with a free pack of Met action figures. 1.3+
Mm4wily2 tiles.png Wily 2 Tile Tight metal coils surrounding inner circuits and other machinery. 1.3+
TstMM4Wily3.png Wily 3 Tile Not again! The eternal prison of waiting has reopened! 1.5+
MM4Wily3Tile2.png Wily 3 Tile 2 We should invest in drill based Robot Masters. If they weren't so annoying. 1.6+
TstMM4Wily4.png Wily 4 Tile You probably never even had time to look at this tile with Wily's low budget. 1.5+

Mega Man 5

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 5.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
TstStone2.png Stone Tile Government law mandated the removal of the metal casing for this one. 1.5+
Stone tiles.png Stone Tile 2 Metamorphic rocks protected by a blue thing, I'm not sure what that is. 1.0+
Gravity tiles.png Gravity Tile It's, uh, it's orange. Didn't we already do this with Needle Man? 1.0+
File:TstCrystal.png Crystal Tile A large wall of crystal. Very effective against an electric jellyfish. 1.5+
Napalm tiles.png Napalm Tile Sun-bleached rocks. May contain trace amounts of explosion. 1.0+
TstNapalm2.png Napalm Tile 2 Lego bricks you have to step on? Napalm Man is truly evil. 1.5+
Gyro tiles.png Gyro Tile Double-panelled glass protects you from the deadly mini-cities within. 1.0+
Star tiles.png Star Tile Did you know that purple is factually the most space-y color of all? 1.0+
TstStar2.png Star Tile 2 Ile 2, Start! 1.5+
TstStar3.png Star Tile 2 (Alt) This tileset if worse than its predecessor for the lack of puns. 1.5+

File:TstWave 2.png

Wave Tile Cracks not included. This tileset is animated 1.5+
Charge tiles.png Charge Tile If you have no creativity, like me, try these bland metal tiles. 1.0+
TstCharge2.png Charge Tile 2 *ambient train shaking noises* 1.5+
Dark1 tiles.png Dark Man 1 Tile These tiles line the entrance of the real Proto Man's castle. 1.3+
Dark2 tiles.png Dark Man 2 Tile Grayish bricks, ordered by the real Proto Man for his real castle. 1.3+
TstDark2 2.png Dark Man 2 Tile 2 Finally! A dream come true! An actual dark tileset! 1.5+
Dark3 tiles.png Dark Man 3 Tile Unfortunately, this tileset will not summon snake block trains. 1.3+
TstDark3 2.png Dark Man 3 Tile 2 These Topaz tiles took time to tabulate the total. 1.5+
DarkTile4.png Dark Man 4 Tile Beautiful terrain with a light green tint. Proto Man knows his aesthetics. 1.4+
Mm5w1 tlies.png Wily 1 Tile Legend has it that free E- and M-Tanks grow out of this tileset. 1.3+
TstMM5Wily2.png Wily 2 Tile Very detailed constructions can be seen in the interior of these tiles. 1.5+
TstMM5Wily2 2.png Wily 2 Tile (Alt) This was one of the few times Wily tried a water stage. 1.5+
TstMM5Wily3.png Wily 3 Tile Time to ready the buster again, huh? 1.5+
TstMM5Wily4.png Wily 4 Tile Wily's low budget never allows him to put variety in his last tilesets. 1.5+

Mega Man 6

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 6.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Blizzard tiles.png Blizzard Tile Apparently some people think this has ice physics. It doesn't. 1.0+
TstBlizzard2.png Blizzard Tile 2 These tiles are at a sub-zero temperature. Sends shivers down your spine. This tileset has ice physics. 1.5+
Wind tiles.png Wind Tile 'Yamato tile' redirects here. 1.0+
TstWind2.png Wind Tile 2 The style of chinese architects continues to be intriguing. 1.5+
TstFlame.png Flame Tile The sand in this tileset is so precious it has to encased by metal. 1.5+
TstFlame2.png Flame Tile 2 Like the first one, but darker and with rocks. Deep. 1.5+
TstFlame3.png Flame Tile 3 Careful, careful, these are full to the brim with kerosene! 1.5+
Tomahawk tiles.png Tomahawk Tile Let's face it, you're using this because of the MM2 Wily rocks. 1.0+
TstTomahawk2.png Tomahawk Tile (Alt) A fierce tint of red means Tomahawk Man is ready for an encore. 1.5+
TstTomahawk3.png Tomahawk Tile 2 Use these if you're on a budget for actual arrow indicators. 1.5+
TstTomahawk4.png Tomahawk Tile 2 (Alt) An evil tint of purple means Tomahawk Man is ready for an encore. 1.5+
TstTomahawk5.png Tomahawk Tile 3 Tubes and pipes as far as the eye can see. 1.5+
TstTomahawk6.png Tomahawk Tile 3 (Alt) Red and purple!? This encore must be enormous. 1.5+
Centaur tiles.png Centaur Tile I'm not entirely sure what this is. It sure looks weird, at least. 1.0+
TstCentaur2.png Centaur Tile (Alt) A fierce tint of red means Centaur Man is ready for an encore. 1.5+
TstCentaur3.png Centaur Tile 2 The + on these tiles radiates positive energy. :) 1.5+
TstCentaur4.png Centaur Tile 2 (Alt) A bleak tint of white means Centaur Man is ready for an encore. 1.5+
Knight tiles.png Knight Tile Vibrant green bricks are a staple of English science, apparently. 1.0+
TstKnight2.png Knight Tile (Alt) A vivid tint of orange means Knight Man is ready for an encore. 1.5+
TstKnight3.png Knight Tile 2 Now you get the interior of the castle to go with the exterior. 1.5+
TstKnight4.png Knight Tile 2 (Alt) Orange you glad that there are more castle tiles? 1.5+
Yamato tile.png Yamato Tile 'Wind tile' redirects here. 1.0+
TstYamato2.png Yamato Tile (Alt) A grimy tint of yellow means Yamato Man is ready for an encore. 1.5+
TstYamato3.png Yamato Tile 2 The grimy green pipe system of a secluded dojo. 1.5+
TstYamato4.png Yamato Tile 2 (Alt) The toxic teal pipe system of a secluded dojo. 1.5+
TstYamato5.png Yamato Tile 3 Lime rocks from a secluded dojo, good for a japanese garden. 1.5+
TstYamato6.png Yamato Tile 3 (Alt) Cyan rocks from a secluded dojo, good for a japanese garden. 1.5+
TstYamato7.png Yamato Tile 4 Olive air conditioning tubes for a secluded dojo. 1.5+
TstYamato8.png Yamato Tile 4 (Alt) Navy blue air conditioning tubes for a secluded dojo. 1.5+
TstYamato9.png Yamato Tile 5 Pink pillars with pinegreen padding found in very secluded dojos. 1.5+
TstYamato10.png Yamato Tile 5 (Alt) Violet pillars with mauve padding found in very secluded dojos. 1.5+
TstPlant.png Plant Tile Welcome to the ju- wait, what do you mean we did that one already? 1.5+
TstMrX1.png Mr X 1 Tile Yet another boring metallic tileset. Mr. X!! Why?? 1.5+
TstMrX1 2.png Mr X 1 Tile 2 The perfect tileset for all of your glass needs. 1.5+
Mrx2Tiles.png Mr X 2 Tile Wily ordered a lot of these tiles,but they aren't in his stages. Suspicious. 1.4+
TstMrX2 2.png Mr. X 2 Tile 2 Soft violet pillars, patterned with blue crosses and bolts. 1.5+
TstMrX3.png Mr X 3 Tile Powerful pressure pipes that can power any moving platform. 1.5+
TstMrX4.png Mr X 4 Tile A messy pile of metal. Looks like he faild to make a good one this time. 1.5+
Wily1Tiles.png Wily 1 Tile This tile was supposed to be green! 1.4+
TstMM6Wily1 2.png Wily 1 Tile (Alt) Oh, now it's green. Thanks, devs! 1.5+
Wily2Tiles.png Wily 2 Tile Manly pink tiles that don't fit a cold storage whatsoever. 1.4+
Wily2IcedTiles.png Wily 2 Tile (Alt) Manly pink tiles that fit a cold storage nicely. Slippery. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.4+
Wily3Tiles.png Wily 3 Tile A niche combination of yellow and orange. Home to the Yaffu. 1.4+
TstMM6Wily4.png Wily 4 Tile Very rusty pipes and machinery that served as Wily's last bunker. 1.5+

Mega Man 7

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 7.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
SpringTiles.png Spring Tile Don't worry, these are not bouncy, your level won't be disqualified. 1.4+
SpringTiles2.png Spring Tile 2 Didn't you know? Bouncy poker is very popular these days! 1.5+
FreezeTiles.png Freeze Tile Cold blue rocks coated in a nice layer of ice. Don't slip! This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.4+
SlashTiles.png Slash Tile The floor of a hidden base filled with recreated dinosaur eggs. 1.4+
JunkTiles.png Junk Tile Very condutive tileset. Does not contain telly spawners. 1.4+
ShadeTiles.png Shade Tile 2 Finally, you can stop using Top Man's tiles to simulate grass. 1.4+
ShadeTiles2.png Shade Tile Metallic tiles fitting for a dark atmosphere filled with ghosts and goblins. 1.4+
BurstTiles.png Burst Tile It looks like you want to take a nice bath in them, but trust me you don't. 1.4+
TurboTiles.png Turbo Tile The floor is made of tires! Sadly, these are not the bouncy kind. 1.4+
CloudTiles.png Cloud Tile Could not break the limits of autotiler, so it has no fans. 1.4+
Wily7Tiles.png Wily 1 Tile Purple once again proves to be the color of pure evil. 1.4+

Mega Man 8

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 8.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
TenguTiles.png Tengu Tile Hand-Crafted tiles using a technique passed down over generations of Tengus. 1.5+
FrostTiles.png Frost Tile Modern airplane runways with lots of wooden decorations. 1.5+
TstFrostAlt.png Frost Tile (Alt) These ones are all frozen over! How's a plane supposed to land here!? This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.5+
TstGrenade.png Grenade Tile Solid steel tiles, as Grenade Man actually is about safety. 1.5+
TstClown.png Clown Tile The floors are lined with stars, for all your space-y needs. 1.5+
TstAstro.png Astro Tile Build a sky-high tower with this one, but don't trap long-haired princesses. 1.5+
TstAstro2.png Astro Tile 2 Blueberry and raspberry flavors make this fitting for fruity mazes. 1.5+
TstAstro2Alt.png Astro Tile 2 (Alt) Lemon and lime... Hang on, are we talking buster shot types here? 1.5+
TstSword.png Sword Tile These ancient tiles were rigged with traps, but they're safe now. 1.5+
TstAqua.png Aqua Tile Useful if you need to transport water over piles of rocks. 1.5+
TstSearch.png Search Tile Yet more Lego bricks! Will this evil madness ever stop? 1.5+
TstMM8Wily1.png Wily 1 Tile This revolutionary tile invents special rounded edges. 1.5+
TstMM8Wily2.png Wily 2 Tile Gray yet colorful. Albert grew some strong aesthetic sense over time. 1.5+
TstMM8Wily2Alt.png Wily 2 Tile (Alt) Rust, dust and frust... This one went unused for a long time. 1.5+

Mega Man 9

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 9.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
TstConcrete.png Concrete Tile Fake blocks not included. Fake Man stole all of them. 1.5+
TstConcrete2.png Concrete Tile 2 This tile gets right down to business, as the name says. 1.5+
TstJewel.png Jewel Tile Wait, no shinies? Aww. 1.5+
TstHornet.png Hornet Tile The more of these you use, the larger a hivemind you unleash. 1.5+
TstPlug.png Plug Tile Sadly comes without any sockets to charge your weapons at. 1.5+
TstMagma.png Magma Tile Guaranteed to resist all fire-related traps and tricks you put. 1.5+
TstMagma2.png Magma Tile 2 More rocks, with the same pattern as the corresponding background. 1.5+

File:TstSplash 2.png File:TstSplash 3.png

Splash Tile Splash Woman combined the best of Wave and Burst Man. 1.5+
TstGalaxy.png Galaxy Tile A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, this tileset was crafted. 1.5+
TstTornado.png Tornado Tile Encased solar panels for jumps high in the sky. Debuted prematurely. 1.5+
TstTornado2.png Tornado Tile 2 After years of research, our team has concluded that this is ice. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.5+
TstMM9Wily1.png Wily 1 Tile Doesn't come with lightning, but is a flash in the dark regardless. 1.5+
TstMM9Wily1 2.png Wily 1 Tile 2 A Flash in the Dark metal remix. 1.5+
TstMM9Wily1 2Alt.png Wily 1 Tile 2 (Alt) If a metal remix wasn't enough, here is a much heavier metal remix. 1.5+

File:TstMM9Wily2 2.png File:TstMM9Wily2 3.png File:TstMM9Wily2 4.png File:TstMM9Wily2 5.png

Wily 2 Tile I can't come up with a pun for We're the Robots, sorry. 1.5+

File:TstMM9Wily22 2.png File:TstMM9Wily22 3.png File:TstMM9Wily22 4.png File:TstMM9Wily22 5.png

Wily 2 Tile (Alt) Instead of gray with blue lights it's blue with gray ligh- Wait, pink? 1.5+

File:TstMM9Wily3 2.png File:TstMM9Wily3 3.png File:TstMM9Wily3 4.png File:TstMM9Wily3 5.png

Wily 3 Tile Like the last tile, but it flashes green! What a strange world we live in... 1.5+

File:TstMM9Wily4 2.png File:TstMM9Wily4 3.png File:TstMM9Wily4 4.png File:TstMM9Wily4 5.png

Wily 4 Tile Glowing metal for a castle of evil. Obnoxious lasers not included. 1.5+

File:TstMM9Wily42 2.png File:TstMM9Wily42 3.png File:TstMM9Wily42 4.png File:TstMM9Wily42 5.png

Wily 4 Tile (Alt) Another underwater variant for a tile. Nothing to see here. 1.5+

File:TstFake 2.png

Fake Tile You came here from Concrete Man? Sorry, all tiles are solid here. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless1.png Endless Tile 1 A much prettier version of Fire Man's tileset. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless2.png Endless Tile 2 Odd metallic 4-way pipe constructions. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless3.png Endless Tile 2 (Alt) Odd metallic 4-Way pipe constructions, but in red. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless4.png Endless Tile 2 (Alt 2) Odd metallic 4-Way pipe constructions, but in blue. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless5.png Endless Tile 3 Scorching hot rock that would make Magma Man jealous. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless6.png Endless Tile 3 (Alt) Damp, wet rock that would make Splash Woman jealous. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless7.png Endless Tile 4 An intricate tileset with a very original color scheme. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless10.png Endless Tile 4 (Alt) These tiles come with air supplies, although robots don't breathe. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless8.png Endless Tile 5 You can grow a garden anywhere. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless9.png Endless Tile 6 It's pink. 'Nuff said. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless11.png Endless Tile 7 These are some nice motherboards, with fast processors too. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless12.png Endless Tile 8 Pillars of solid steel, fitting for overwater harbor parts. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless13.png Endless Tile 8 (Alt) Pillars of solid steel, fitting for underwater harbor parts. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless14.png Endless Tile 9 One of a handful tilesets with a derpy face on it. 1.5+
TstMM9Endless15.png Endless Tile 9 (Alt) Derpy face but underwater! 1.5+
TstMM9Endless16.png Endless Tile 10 Thick piles of snow beneath some glass panes. 1.5+

Mega Man 10

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 10.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Blade Tile Abandoned castle filled with swords, ready for an invasion by a cerulean coward. 1.6+
Blade Tile 2 Stone bricks and girders are a surprisingly good looking combo. 1.6+
Solar Tile The lights on this tileset are solar-powered. You too can help the environment. 1.6+
Solar Tile 2 Similar to the previous, but the horizontals have seen better days. 1.6+
Solar Tile 3 A stack of hot girders used by National No.533 for extrahard training. 1.6+
Sheep Tile The walls of the matrix. 1.6+
Commando Tile Sand blasted metal plating always looks good. 1.6+
Pump Tile Mega Man 11 could've been this, but better. Shame. 1.6+
Pump Tile (Alt) As boring as they are, color swap tilesets can have neat uses in levels. 1.6+
Pump Tile 2 A very flexible pipe system. Although the waterfalls are missing. 1.6+
Pump Tile 2 (Alt) Use these to seamlessly go from overwater to underwater. 1.6+
Strike Tile You have no idea how much this stuff can cost. 1.6+
Strike Tile 2 This one looks more like a football stadium. Interesting. 1.6+
Nitro Tile Always watch both ways before crossing. 1.6+
Nitro Tile 2 This one comes with built-in streetlights for that night highway atmosphere. 1.6+
Chill Tile Massive colorful ice pillars. Not popsicles, do not lick. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.6+
Chill Tile 2 Wait, I left my ice cream in that freezer. Now it's sealed tight. :( 1.6+
Wily 1 Tile Benevolent boulders line the craggy cliffside. 1.6+
Wily 1 Tile 2 If you look closely, you may be able to recognize an old foe. 1.6+
Wily 1 Tile 3 Wily is not a man of many colors. 1.6+
Wily 1 Tile 4 In case the weird pipe system from the previous tileset was bothering you. 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile High-pressure oxygen tanks are embedded in the floor. Don't ask me why. 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile 2 Some rusted old machines. Should stay home and play with their toasters. 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile 3 :Crab: Tiles are gone! :Crab: 1.6+
Wily 3 Tile You say you've seen this tileset before? 1.6+
Wily 3 Tile (Alt) Professional designers cost a lot of money, you know? 1.6+
Wily 3 Tile 2 You go and build nine castles and then tell me how much money you have left. 1.6+
Wily 3 Tile 2 (Alt) Tsk, these millenials will end up poor if they always try to be unique! 1.6+
Wily 4 Tile Back to our regularly scheduled and neutral descriptions. 1.6+
Wily 4 Tile (Alt) The curving effect on the surface loses its charm without water above. 1.6+
Wily 5 Tile I'd write this in upside-down characters but the game doesn't allow them. 1.6+
Wily 5 Tile 2 Maybe this one is upside-down and we're looking at it wrong? 1.6+
Wily 5 Tile 3 Please know that this took ages of pain and suffering to create. 1.6+
Wily 5 Tile 4 Shameless self-inserts by Wily again. Or was it really Dr. Mily? 1.6+
Enker Tile Wibbly wobbly wavy floor. Unfortunately not bouncy. 1.6+
Enker Tile 2 Trying to cross this with any vehicle would be a nightmare. 1.6+
Enker Tile 3 The perfect tileset to go with Electro Guard. 1.6+
Enker Tile 4 And now for a complete change of pace! 1.6+
Enker Tile 5 The same but with... a weird claw machine? 1.6+
Enker Tile 6 Not everything that shines is gold. This is, though. 1.6+
Punk Tile Nobody knows why Punk's tilesets are green. Maybe he's a big fan of limes? 1.6+
Punk Tile 2 For all the fans of... green, mechanical, horizontal tiles? Yeah. 1.6+
Punk Tile 3 X marks the spot... but which one? 1.6+
Punk Tile 4 Fancy light effects and striped plating. A dev favorite. 1.6+
Ballade Tile More ziggity and zaggity pillars than you can shake a stick at. 1.6+
Ballade Tile 2 Sadly we lost the blueprints for the claw machines in this tileset. 1.6+
Endless Tile The T-Tetromino finally makes its debut in green! 1.6+
Endless Tile 2 The J- and L-Tetrominoes join the battle too! 1.6+
Endless Tile 3 Your average Robot Master boss fight tileset, excluding Pump Man. 1.6+
Endless Tile 3 (Alt) Your average Pump Man boss fight tileset. 1.6+
Endless Tile 4 A tileset light as a kilogram of feathers. 1.6+
Endless Tile 5 Roses are red, these tiles are blue, I can't rhyme and neither can you. 1.6+
Endless Tile 6 A complicated set of pipeworks surrounded by sturdy support beams. 1.6+
Endless Tile 6 (Alt) A sturdy set of support beams with complicated pipeworks inside. 1.6+
Endless Tile 7 Wily only uses highest quality natural hinoki cypress wood. A man of taste. 1.6+
Endless Tile 8 Fuel storage containers in white and purple with a nifty design. 1.6+
Endless Tile 9 Aww man... 1.6+
Endless Tile 10 This tileset was created by Wily's latest failed creation, Copper Man. 1.6+
Endless Tile 11 You wouldn't believe how often we had to fix this tileset. 1.6+
Endless Tile 12 Does not play nice with the autotiler. Some frustration was had. 1.6+
Endless Tile 13 Pretty (and not devastating) in pink. 1.6+
Endless Tile 14 You'd think there'd be prettier verticals but no. 1.6+
Endless Tile 15 There's more to this tile than meets the eye, but most of it is hidden. 1.6+
Endless Tile 16 What color even is this? Some kind of girly red? 1.6+
Endless Tile 17 Mini reactors generating power. Use too many and they'll explode! 1.6+
Endless Tile 18 Perfectly camouflaged to blend in with absolutely nothing. 1.6+
Endless Tile 18 (Alt) Blends in with absolutely nothing despite perfect camouflage. 1.6+
Endless Tile 19 These boxes are where all the things you lost as a child rot away. 1.6+
Endless Tile 20 What is perspective? A miserable little pile of secrets. 1.6+
Endless Tile 21 A beautiful mixture of natural glass and man-made metal. 1.6+
Endless Tile 21 (Alt) A *blubb-blubb* mix... of ... help... *blubb-blubb* ... 1.6+
Endless Tile 22 It's like Enker but as a tileset. I guess. 1.6+
Endless Tile 22 (Alt) Every 1 in 4096 Enker fights, a Shiny version appears! 1.6+
Endless Tile 23 Breaking: Local robot needs special oxygen supplies. More at 11. 1.6+
Endless Tile 24 I'm running out of creative jokes. We need to hire more writers. 1.6+
Endless Tile 25 Was used for an oil platform first, but the color was deemed unfitting. 1.6+
Endless Tile 25 (Alt) Another reason was that said oil platform sunk. Blubb-blubb. 1.6+
Endless Tile 26 Finally, a generic rock tileset in blue! 1.6+
Endless Tile 27 Something about this tileset reminds me of ash trays. 1.6+
Endless Tile 28 Shouldn't snow fall on the outside of the walls? 1.6+
Endless Tile 29 Just how many of these tiles are there?!?! 1.6+
Challenge Tile Mesmerizing flashy patterns in blue. 1.6+
Challenge Tile (Alt) Mesmerizing flashy patterns in orange. 1.6+
Challenge Tile (Alt 2) Mesmerizing flashy patterns in green. 1.6+
Challenge Tile 2 Wily really loves putting these tiny machines everywhere. 1.6+
Challenge Tile 2 (Alt) Lean green bean machines. 1.6+
Challenge Tile 3 We're unsure why only Crab Puncher got a special tileset like this. 1.6+
Difficulty Tile So you think Easy Mode is for losers, eh? Watch out, spikes ahead! 1.6+

Mega Man 11

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 11.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Block Tile Finally, a tileset fitting for fast rotating spike cylinder deaths. 1.6+
Acid Tile Warning: tileset may have lethal amounts of acid in it. Use with caution. 1.6+
Blast Tile A popular prop for movies featuring explosion themed Robot Masters. 1.6+
Bounce Tile What a scam! These tiles are not bouncy! I want a refund! 1.6+
Tundra Tile On foggy days in Germany, you can find National No.886 wandering about here. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.6+
Impact Tile Rocks and girders, reinvented for the modern age. That's a lie. 1.6+
Torch Tile Artificial wood so the tiles don't burn. 1.6+
Fuse Tile Those are some big vents. Or are they speakers? 1.6+
Fuse Tile 2 Green metal with red flowing lights, will certainly blow a fuse. 1.6+
Wily 1 Tile Perfect castle tiles for giant spike... Wait, didn't we do this already? 1.6+
Wily 1 Tile 2 Technology is amazing! Look at all of the things it can do, like flash! 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile Not quite the same without the huge moving Wily Machines. 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile (Alt) Uh-oh! Gotta pick up the pace now! 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile (Alt 2) We're unsure where this comes from, but it looks pretty. 1.6+
Wily 2 Tile (Alt 3) I like my tilesets how I like my coffee, pitch black. 1.6+

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