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Tilesets are a category of placeable objects in Mega Man Maker. They are static, solid objects that are used to create terrain in levels. There are many different tilesets, but very few provide gameplay differences, with most of the different designs being for aesthetic purposes. As well as these, spikes and ladders are also considered tilesets, but once again, the different types don't have different functions.

List of Tilesets

Mega Man 1

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 1.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
SprCatTilesIcons 3.png Cut Tile Iconic, if only because 90 percent of Mega Man Maker levels use it. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 4.png Guts Tile Concrete flooring and walls surrounding sedimentary rock. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 21.png Ice Tile Now watch, and learn, here's the deal. You'll slip and slide on this, uh, ice. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 23.png Bomb Tile Patterned aluminum sheets aren't very secure, but Bomb Man isn't about safety. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 22.png Fire Tile Solid steel pathways and walls. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 5.png Elec Tile In case all the lightning wasn't enough, we colored these tiles yellow. 1.0+
SprCatTilesIcons 129.png Time Tile Purple bricks. Use them if you ever want to build a clock tower for some reason. 1.1+
SprCatTilesIcons 130.png Oil Tile This sand is so precious it's protected by solid steel. 1.1+
SprCatTilesIcons 131.png Wily 1 Tile Wily's first tileset. it hasn't aged too well. 1.1+
Wily2tiles.png Wily 2 Tile A slighty darker Wily 1 tile. Truly the most creative tileset. 1.4+
MM1Wily3Tiles.png Wily 3 Tile An incredibly simplified and worse-looking Oil tile. 1.4+
Wily4Tile.png Wily 4 Tile A blue version of the Wily 1 tile. He was probably pressed for time. 1.4+

Mega Man 2

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 2.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Bubble tiles.png Bubble Tile A simple white tile that fits well in water levels. 1.0+
Air tiles.png Air Tile Glass bricks that do not connect to any other tile. 1.0+
Quick tiles.png Quick Tile Made of the essence of fast itself. That's why it's blue, you know. 1.0+
Wood tiles.png Wood Tile We're not sure if this is made of wood or dirt. I'll ask Wood Man later. 1.0+
Crash tiles.png Crash Tile An elaborate maze of tubes that makes about as much sense as its stage. 1.0+
Metal tiles.png Metal Tile Screws, gears and assorted metal objects make up this tileset. 1.0+
Heat tiles.png Heat Tile Magma-scorched bricks, connected by metal pipes. 1.0+
Mm2w1 tiles.png Wily 1 Tile Perfect for the exterior of a fortress... Just bring enough weapon energy. 1.2+
Mm2w2 tiles.png Wily 2 Tile This tileset is the color of flying over unnecessarily large spike pits. 1.2+
Wily3Tile.png Wily 3 Tile This tile may appear original,but it is actually just Wily 2. 1.4+
Mm2w4 tiles.png Wily 4 Tile Don't worry, the floor is always solid in this game... I think. 1.2+
Mm2w6 tiles.png Wily 6 Tile These tiles are rumored to absorb all music from the area. 1.2+

Mega Man 3

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 3.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Spark tiles 1.png

Spark tiles 2.png

Spark Tile An elaborate maze of electronics. Can apparently be used to mine Bitcoins. This tileset is animated. 1.0+
Snake tiles.png Snake Tile Use these tiles to create a tunnel, and you'll rule. 1.0+
Needle tiles.png Needle Tile Fancy orange tiles that fit well in any environment. 1.0+
Top tiles.png Top Tile That's just grass, I swear. 1.0+
Magnet tiles.png Magnet Tile Miscellaneous wires and iron plates protect electromagnets inside. 1.0+
Gemini tiles.png Gemini Tile To this day we're unsure what Gemini Man has to do with his stage. 1.0+
Hard tiles.png Hard Tile Basically Guts Man's tileset, but with green instead of grey. 1.0+
Mm3w1 tiles.png Wily 1 Tile The perfect tileset for all of your sewer needs, whatever they may be. 1.2+
Mm3w2 tiles.png Wily 2 Tile Lighter version of the Wily 3 tile. 1.2+
Mm3w3 tiles.png Wily 3 Tile Darker version of the Wily 2 tile. 1.2+
Wily4tiles.png Wily 4 Tile It's blue. It's metallic. Yeah. 1.4+
Wily5tiles.png Wily 5 Tile One of the few times wily tried orange tiles. Or maybe it's just rust. 1.4+
Wily6Tiles.png Wily 6 Tile This tile builds tension for an underwhelming final boss fight 1.4+

Mega Man 4

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 4.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Ring tiles.png Ring Tile We received a lot of confused messages about the quantity of glass we needed. 1.0+
Dive tiles.png Dive Tile Not the prettiest shade of green, but it works. 1.0+
Skull tiles.png Skull Tile Fossils of extinct species like the Atari Jaguar mixed with purple rocks. 1.0+
Bright tiles 1.png

Bright tiles 2.png

Bright Tile We're not sure why Cossack was so obsessed with pink and green. This tileset is animated. 1.0+
Dust tiles.png Dust Tile We're not sure what that mess in the middle is, either. 1.0+
Drill tiles.png Drill Tile Pink rocks are a surprise for sure, but a welcome one. 1.0+
Toad tiles.png Toad Tile Mossy bricks which vaguely smell of pizza. 1.0+
Pharaoh tiles.png Pharaoh Tile Sorry, but these tiles are clearly just made of regular rock. 1.0+
Cossack1 tiles.png Cossack 1 Tile Russian yellow metal slated over some cold Russian slippery ice. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.3+
Cossack3 tiles.png Cossack 3 Tile A grid of rhombuses over some yellow colored metal. 1.3+
Mm4wily1 tiles.png Wily 1 Tile This tileset comes with a free pack of Met action figures. 1.3+
Mm4wily2 tiles.png Wily 2 Tile Tight metal coils surrounding inner circuits and other machinery. 1.3+

Mega Man 5

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 5.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Stone tiles.png Stone Tile Metamorphic rocks protected by a blue thing, I'm not sure what that is. 1.0+
Gravity tiles.png Gravity Tile It's, uh, it's orange. Didn't we already do this with Needle Man? 1.0+
Napalm tiles.png Napalm Tile Sun-bleached rocks. May contain trace amounts of explosion. 1.0+
Gyro tiles.png Gyro Tile Double-panelled glass protects you from the deadly mini-cities within. 1.0+
Star tiles.png Star Tile Did you know that purple is factually the most space-y color of all? 1.0+
Charge tiles.png Charge Tile If you have no creativity, like me, try these bland metal tiles. 1.0+
Dark1 tiles.png Dark Man 1 Tile These tiles line the entrance of the real Proto Man's castle. 1.3+
Dark2 tiles.png Dark Man 2 Tile Grayish bricks, ordered by the real Proto Man for his real castle. 1.3+
Dark3 tiles.png Dark Man 3 Tile Unfortunately, this tileset will not summon snake block trains. 1.3+
DarkTile4.png Dark Man 4 Tile Beautiful terrain with a light green tint. Protoman knows his aesthetics. 1.4+
Mm5w1 tlies.png Wily 1 Tile Legend has it that free E- and M-Tanks grow out of this tileset. 1.3+

Mega Man 6

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 6.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
Blizzard tiles.png Blizzard Tile Apparently some people think this has ice physics. It doesn't. 1.0+
Wind tiles.png Wind Tile 'Yamato tile' redirects here. 1.0+
Tomahawk tiles.png Tomahawk Tile Let's face it, you're using this because of the MM2 Wily rocks. 1.0+
Centaur tiles.png Centaur Tile I'm not entirely sure what this is. It sure looks weird, at least. 1.0+
Knight tiles.png Knight Tile Vibrant green bricks are a staple of English science, apparently. 1.0+
Yamato tile.png Yamato Tile 'Wind tile' redirects here. 1.0+
Mrx2Tiles.png Mr X 2 Tile Wily ordered a lot of these tiles,but they aren't in his stages. Suspicious. 1.4+
Wily1Tiles.png Wily 1 Tile This tile was supposed to be green!. 1.4+
Wily2Tiles.png Wily 2 Tile Manly pink tiles that don't fit a cold storage whatsoever. 1.4+
Wily2IcedTiles.png Wily 2 Tile (alt) Manly pink tiles that fit a cold storage nicely. Slippery. This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.4+
Wily3Tiles.png Wily 3 Tile A "niche" combination of yellow and orange. Home to the yaffu. 1.4+

Mega Man 7

Tilesets based off of levels from Mega Man 7.

Name Ingame Description Special Attributes Version Added
SpringTiles.png Spring Tile Don't worry, these are not bouncy, your level won't be disqualified. 1.4+
FreezeTiles.png Freeze Tile Cold blue rocks coated in a nice layer of ice. Don't slip! This tileset provides ice physics to the player when stood on. 1.4+
ShadeTiles.png Slash Tile Finally, you can stop using top man's tiles to simulate grass. 1.4+
SlashTiles.png Slash Tile 2 The floor of a hidden base filled with recreated dinosaur eggs. 1.4+
JunkTiles.png Junk Tile Very condutive tileset. Does not contain telly spawners. 1.4+
ShadeTiles2.png Shade Tile Metallic tiles fitting for a dark atmosphere filled with ghosts and goblins. 1.4+
BurstTiles.png Burst Tile It looks like you want to take a nice bath in them, but trust me you don't. 1.4+
TurboTiles.png Turbo Tile The floor is made of tires! Sadly, these are not the bouncy kind. 1.4+
CloudTiles.png Cloud Tile Could not break the limits of autotiler, so it has no fans. 1.4+
Wily7Tiles.png Wily 1 Tile Purple once again proves to be the color of pure evil. 1.4+


  • Ice Man's tileset description is a reference to the Lazy Town song "We Are Number One", which became a meme in 2016. In a part of the song, Robbie Rotten, the villain and singer throws a banana with the intention of making Sportacus, the good guy, slip.
  • Time Man's tileset description references his level being Clock Tower-themed.
  • Freeze Man's tileset description references the flavor text that appears on the boss introduction screens in Rockman 7.
  • Snake Man's tileset description references the Tunnel Snakes from the Fallout series.
  • The descriptions of Wind Man's and Yamato Man's tilesets reference that both of them are the same, expect for a small change.
  • Knight Man's tileset description references the fact his level is based on England.
  • Quick Man's tileset description references Sonic The Hedgehog, a fast blue hedgehog starring in the same-named series.
  • All the Mega Man 2 Wily tileset's descriptions reference the themes of the levels they are used at.
    • The first tileset also references the hard ladder parts.
    • The fourth tileset references the fact that in-game some of these tiles were fake.
      • Tomahawk's tileset description also references the fact the original Mega Man 2 Wily 1 rock tiles have not been added yet.
  • Skull Man's tileset jokes on the infamous Atari Jaguar.
  • Spark Man's tileset jokes on Bitcoins.
  • Spring Man's tileset jokes on Bouncy Castle from MaGMML2.
  • Slash Man is the only Robot Master to have more than 1 tileset, and also not be Wily/Cossack/Dark Man to have this.

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