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Example levels are levels created in Mega Man Maker that come pre-installed with every version of the game. They are listed under Examples in the Play or Load Level menus. As of version 1.7.5, there are 43 example levels in Mega Man Maker.

Example levels are intended to give players a sense of what types of levels are possible to create using the Level Builder and hopefully give players inspiration to create their own levels. Most example levels are created by development team members. The staff may choose a level to be featured as an example level for various reasons e.g. if the level shows off a level object, won one of the Level Creation Contests, or showcases a change made to a weapon.

The ExampleLevels folder in the ZIP archive of the game is where all example levels are stored. It is possible to add, replace, and delete levels from the folder and have other levels that are not example levels show up in the "Examples" menu in-game.

List of example levels
Level Name Team Name Creator(s) Added in Version
Aquatic Ruins N/A Entity1037 1.0.0
Authentic MM1 Oil Man TheSkipper1995 1.1.0
Authentic MM1 Time Man
Automata Fortress Nickelasse 1.3.0
Better Together Objectionable, BigMaster, Meka, Mad Man 1.7.0
Blast From The Past BushBacon
Blast Man's Hot Cave AwaggKing 1.6.0
By Sword and Shield Aze 1.5.0
Chamber of Trials PKWeegee 1.0.0
Climate Man Mega Man Android Attack 3 (King Wowowood) 1.6.0
Computer Lab CosmicGem 1.0.0
Crash Bomb Palace Beed28
Creepy Castle TimeLink 1.4.0
Desert Base Aze 1.5.0
Developer Challenges MMM DevTeam Goldstorm, AwaggKing, TimeLink, LF222, Elevenstorms, SnoruntPyro, NMario84, Meka, Mors, Luigi 1.6.0
Double Trouble N/A Aze 1.5.0
Escape From The Space Station Puzzle Meka Arius 1.3.0
Flappy Phoenix BushBacon 1.7.0
Forgotten Fortress Oilman X Roll 1.0.0
Green Heaven AwaggKing 1.6.0
Icy Parkour Meka Beta
Infiltration Aze 1.5.0
Kerosene Fane CSketch 1.4.0
Magnetic Interference Objectionable 1.7.5
Mecha Cavern Canyon Mad Man 1.7.0
MM1 Mashup PKWeegee 1.0.0
Napalm Factory MrKyurem
Obligatory Boss Rush Level SnoruntPyro 1.5.0
Ride It Right Meka Beta 1.6.0
Scorchthaw Summit Objectionable 1.7.0
SkullSteam Factory
SkullSteam Ruins - Zirate Intervention 1.7.4
Standup Comedy SnoruntPyro 1.1.0
Storm Fortress Aze 1.4.0
The Tower of Wily
Trial of Force Shine Man 1.0.0
Trio Towers Ascent StupidStudiosN
Wall Kicks Will Work BushBacon 1.7.0
Whirlpool Ocean Schmidkalkan 1.5.0
Wily 1 Remix (Mecha Dragon) Beed28 1.0.0
Wily Airlines - Disaster Transport Objectionable 1.7.0
Wily Public Works Ilysm 1.6.0
Wind City AwaggKing