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Example Levels are levels that come packaged in a download of Mega Man Maker. The Example Levels can be locally deleted or new levels added as long as they are in the correct folder. As of version, there are 51 Example Levels.

Most of the Example Levels were created by the development team, although there are a handful of levels that were added from contest and community event winners.


The following is a list of Example Levels.

Name Creator(s) Version
Abandoned Mine GamerFromTheWeb 1.8.0
Aquatic Ruins Entity1037 1.0.0
Authentic MM1 Oil Man TheSkipper1995 1.1.0
Authentic MM1 Time Man TheSkipper1995 1.1.0
Automata Fortress Nickelasse 1.3.0
Better Together Objectionable, Meka, BigMaster, Mad Man 1.7.0
Blast from the Past BushBacon 1.7.0
Blast Man's Hot Cave AwaggKing 1.6.0
By Sword and Shield Aze 1.5.0
Chamber of Trials PKWeegee 1.0.0
Climate Man Mega Man Android Attack 3 / Wowowood 1.6.0
Computer Lab CosmicGem ??
Crash Bomb Palace Beed28 1.0.0
Creepy Castle TimeLink 1.4.0
Desert Base Aze 1.5.0
Developer Challenges MMM DevTeam 1.6.0
Double Trouble Aze 1.5.0
Dr Crossfits Navigation Station Beanut Putter 1.8.0
Escape from the Space Station Puzzle Meka 1.3.0
Flappy Phoenix BushBacon 1.7.0
Forgotten Fortress Oilman x Roll 1.0.0
Good Key Bad Key Neo Cutman 1.8.0
Green Heaven AwaggKing 1.6.0
Icy Parkour Meka 1.6.0
Infiltration Aze 1.5.0
Kerosene Fane CSketch 1.4.0
Magnetic Interference Objectionable 1.7.5
Mecha Cavern Canyon Mad Man 1.7.0
MM1 Mashup PKWeegee ??
Napalm Factory MrKyurem 1.0.0
Obligatory Boss Rush Level Snoruntpyro 1.5.0
Pit of 100 Trials BushBacon 1.8.2
Ride it Right Meka 1.6.0
Rush Hour JumpDashEvade 1.8.0
Scorchthaw Summit Objectionable 1.6.0
Skullsteam Factory Objectionable 1.6.0
Skullsteam Ruins - Zirate Intervention Objectionable 1.6.0
Standup Comedy Snoruntpyro 1.0.0
Storm Fortress Aze 1.4.0
The Tower of Wily Aze 1.4.0
Trial of Force Shine Man 1.0.0
Trio Towers Ascent StupidStudiosN 1.0.0
Wall kicks will work BushBacon 1.7.0
Weapons Playground 1-8 JumpDashEvade 1.8.1
Whirlpool Ocean Schmidkalkan 1.5.0
Wily's Dark Castle AwaggKing 1.8.1
Wily's Museum Neo Cutman 1.8.0
Wily 1 Remix ( Mecha Dragon) Beed28 1.0.0
Wily Airlines - Disaster Transport Objectionable 1.7.0
Wily Public Works Ilysm 1.6.0
Wind City Awaggking 1.6.0


Mega Man Maker has an official speedrun board maintained by the community. The speedrun board is open to everyone to participate.

Unreleased Levels

Not all the planned levels get to make it to be in the Example Levels folder. TheSkipper1995 created Volt Man specifically to be an Example Level but it did not run very well on the version of Mega Man Maker at the time and it was never uploaded and also never included in the Example Levels. JumpDashEvade spoke to TheSkipper1995 about this level and they allowed it to upload it under the Museum account.


  • Example Levels can be loaded in the editor, but changes can not be saved.
  • The Example Levels play differently than if you were to play your own levels. It is possible to get a scenario that causes a level to crash in Example Levels but work fine through the build/play online menu.

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