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GamerFromTheWeb's forum profile picture
Role: Musician
Level moderator (formerly)
Also known as Gamer
Known for Mega Man Maker First Impact (musician, trailer creator and beta tester)
Discord: GamerFromTheWeb#9001

GamerFromTheWeb is a musician and former level moderator for Mega Man Maker. They were hired as a level moderator alongside JumpDashEvade, MM2WilySt2, NotQuiteHere, and Plasma Admin on May 23, 2021. They were accepted as a musician on June 13, 2021 alongside 40Nix and DeltaMudkip. GamerFromTheWeb stepped down as a level moderator.

GamerFromTheWeb previously worked on Croby's Mega Man Maker First Impact mod as a musician, beta tester and a trailer creator.


Level objects

Icon Level object Contributions Added in Version Notes
Hot Plate Sprites 1.7.0