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Role: Beta tester
Gender: Female
Lives in Lithuania
Website: Twitch

AwaggKing is a beta tester and moderator of Mega Man Maker.

She was a judge on the Level Creation Contest 2017 and the first Ongoing challenge event, "Intro to 1.3". In the Level Creation Contest 2017, AwaggKing replaced ShinNessTen after the latter got booted for doing too short reviews.[1] In the same contest, AwaggKing won second place with her level "Time For Wind Storm".

Following HoundBlue and MrKyurem's departure as moderators, AwaggKing substituted them when she applied as a moderator in a call done in the developer server. She was ascended to full moderator in July 2, 2018. User Bucket was also trialed around the same time, but he resigned due to time constraints.

AwaggKing worked alongside Mors and Goldstorm to modify the bot in Discord server to allow it to give users gaming roles. It was finished in January 23, 2020. She made some example levels for 1.6.0, including her collaboration in Developer Challenges.


Example Levels

Level Name Added in Version Notes
Blast Man's Hot Cave 1.6.0
Green Heaven 1.6.0
Wind City 1.6.0
Developer Challenges 1.6.0 Alongside other developers of 1.6.0; made main hub (with Goldstorm), key path 3 (orange teleporter), and final path (with Luigi)