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Background for the server invite of the Mega Man Maker Official Server made by PKWeegee.

The Mega Man Maker Official Server is the official Discord group for Mega Man Maker. The Discord server was made for people to discuss the game and its development as well as have unrelated general conversations with other members of the community in real-time. Announcements about the game and the community platforms are also posted in the #game_announcements and #community_announcements channels respectively.

For the game's development, there is a separate developer Discord server where staff members discuss and work on the game.


The server was created by WreckingPrograms on June 26, 2017 when the initial version of Mega Man Maker was in an advanced development phase. Development team members and candidates for example levels for 1.0.0 had access to the server. The server was made accessible to the public on July 8, 2017 when WreckingPrograms uploaded the reveal trailer for Mega Man Maker and released the website for the game.

To reduce the number of channels, WreckingPrograms made polls to decide to merge some channels. The #rules and #faq were merged into a sole #rules_and_faq channel, while the #level_showcase and #level_discussion ones were merged into #level_discussion.

After discussion in the moderation team, it was decided that #calm_room would be archived and #general would be stricter against "shitposting", by only allowing it in moderation.


The main changes to the community were an active seeking of community staf and an establishment that developers were no longer given moderator permissions by default. The latter change was made since developers were not necessarily hired with the mindset of moderating and some might either be unfit or unable to manage the platforms.


After a proposal by Midas Magnezone, the channel #communinty_announcements was created on 17th February to announce changes to the server. Along with that, a new channel for nsf discussion was created.

An update hype channel was created on 20th February for the release of Version 1.6. After the update, it was archived.

4 days later on 24th February, the online building channel was created for online building server posting. On 7th March, a new role (Online Builder) was created with the channel. The user can get the role using the bot with commands.

The #other_showcase channel was renamed to creative showcase for better understanding on 14th March.

An impersonation rule was added on April 1st due to recent events at that time. Rules 10 and 2 would then be updated slighty shortly after.

On 1st May, The Discord received an overhaul including the Mega Maker role and modifications to certain channels. The new modification limited the permissions of inactive or new people in order to encourage more activity and to failiarize more with the server first. 3 days later on 4th of March, A new role, NSF Creator was created for NSF creators.

On June 20th, a starboard was made for the bot so people can pin memes and other images or gifs and they will be showcased on the hall of memes channel.

On July 1st, the streaming channel was changed to include videos as well and was renamed as such.

From 29th July to August 5th, The bot was tested by Mors and Goldstorm to see if he was ready for upgrading. On August 5th. The Pronto Man bot was deactivated and its code was ported to the Mega Bot with more features added to it.

A new roleplaying rule was added on August 7th due to recent incidents of roleplaying. On August 9th, two new channels for modding (showcase and discussion) were created to help give mods spotlight.

When Discord introduced a new Community Server feature, the team agreed to enable it in order to allow the announcement channels to be followed in another servers. The two announcement channels were modified for this purpose.

#level_discussion was brought back on September 20th to facilitate discussions focused on levels in Mega Man Maker.


The first set of rules were posted in the #rules_and_faq channel by WreckingPrograms#2152 on June 24, 2017. Rule 9 was added as part of the server overhaul that took place in early May 2020.

The rules were last updated on August 7, 2020.

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Breaking these rules can result in a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the situation. Rules were last updated on 2020/08/07

  1. Do not shitpost in #mmm_chat. Take these to #memes instead.
  2. Be nice. Try not to be a jerk. Discrimination or racism will not be tolerated, including racial slurs (such as the R-word, F(a)-word, and N-word) or offensive symbols, and don't start drama or bring drama from another server here. Variation on racial slurs are not allowed as the meaning is still implied. Usage of these slurs also translates to video titles, images, nicknames, statuses, etc.
  3. No NSFW of any kind. Referencing NSFW in a joking manner is allowed as long as it doesn't go too far. (NSFW = Not Safe For Work, mostly used to refer to sexual or violent content)
  4. No spam. Meme spam in #memes is allowed, though (meme spam includes copypastas, different versions of the same meme, shitposting etc; spamming text, images, or emotes over and over again is not meme spam and is thus still against the rules, even in #only-cool-kids-can-meme. Exceptions can also be made at the staff’s discretion.)
  5. Don't ping or DM me or the other developers unless truly necessary. The same goes for the moderators and other special roles.
  6. Don't invite bots to the server.
  7. Keep bot commands in the #bot channel. Use !help if you're unsure what these commands are.
  8. If you've been warned, leave it be. You will get unwarned after a period of proper behaviour. Do not attempt to be clever by rejoining the server; if we notice this, it may result in a ban. The same goes for the "not stable", "not suggestive" and "not helpful" roles.
  9. Do not post unrelated content in channels if you don't have access to the proper channel yet. Please be patient and wait until you've unlocked the @Mega Maker role.
  10. All channels are English-only. Minor phrases like "hola" are allowed, just don't have full conversations in another language.
  11. If you want an NSF replacer, Streamer or Fan Challenge Organizer role, ping one of the moderators. If you want a gaming role, read the pins in #gaming for instructions.
  12. Do not advertise your own server or project without permission. Advertising your own fan games is allowed in #creative_showcase, though! Direct Messaging members with your server, project or any other creative endeavours without prior permission is against the rules, even if said creative endeavours would be allowed in #creative_showcase.
  13. Do not share illegal content. This includes ROMs.
  14. No jumping ship. Do not try to post in the Discord purely to complain about your warn/ban on another one of our platforms or continue doing the things that got you warned or banned from those platform(s) in the first place.
  15. Do not try to get information out of devs about content in an upcoming update. They will not tell you, it also distracts the devs and is annoying. You will find out with GIF's in the #game_announcements channel that the dev team give to you and when the update is released.
  16. Don't try to find loopholes in these rules and abuse them. Hiding knowledge of someone who has broken the rules may also result in punishment. We may enforce action for behaviors not expressly listed in these rules as we deem necessary and fair.
  17. Only one account per person. Do not join the server under an alt account.
  18. Do not impersonate other users. Impersonation as a joke is only allowed if it's obvious that you're not the real account (changing your nickname in this server only, misspelling your name etc.)
  19. No roleplaying. This is not the server for that.


The FAQ is posted in the #rules_and_faq channel by WreckingPrograms#2152 and was last updated on May 23, 2020.

This article is a transcript.
This article was taken verbatim from another source.

Q: Will we be able to add custom assets like enemies and bosses?
A: Unfortunately, no. We'd have to store all these custom assets on the server and server storage is expensive. It's just not realistic for a hobbyist project, sorry.

Q: How can I support the game?
A: You can support the game by spreading the word about it!

Q: Can we use custom graphics or music?
A: Yes and no. You can replace graphics and music locally, but they won't be visible to other players, unless they have made the same modifications to their game. Replacing music doesn't require modding tools. You can simply replace the .nsf files in the game folder (in the subfolder "Music"), but make sure to keep the same file name. The channel #nsf_replacements contains several NSFs you can use, but you can also find them online or create them yourself. If you want to be able to post in this channel, please ping one of the moderators. Further instructions can be found in the pinned messages in #nsf_replacements . Replacing graphics requires modding tools, and we don't officially support it. Use this at your own risk. More info can be found on the dedicated wiki page:

Q: I get an error when I try to go online on Windows XP.
A: We do not officially support Windows XP. It has been reported to work correctly in offline mode, but online mode causes issues. Sorry.

Q: When will the new update be released?
A: When it's ready. Creating an update takes time. Once we know a release date/window, we'll announce it. Please don't ask us for a release date, it won't speed up development.

Q: Will [insert asset] be in the next update?
A: We will not answer that. The only confirmed assets are posted in #game_announcements . However, certain assets are deconfirmed from being in future updates; a list of these is pinned in #feedback_suggestions .

Q: Is a feature confirmed/deconfirmed because of what a dev said?
A: No, the only source of officially confirmed content is what is shown in #game_announcements through teaser GIFs. The only official source of deconfirmed content is the pinned list from WreckingPrograms in the #feedback_suggestions channel. People can take what devs say the wrong way and think it confirms/deconfirms things. Also, the devs are only human and can forget things and make mistakes. Please only rely on the aforementioned sources as well as any official statements from WreckingPrograms in #game_announcements.

Q: I've found a bug, what do I do?
A: Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues! Please report your bug in #bug_reports unless you're experiencing on of the following issues:

  • ► "gml_Object_objHTTPControl_Other_62" = This means that your firewall is likely blocking Mega Man Maker from communicating with the server; this doesn't seem to happen to the standard Windows firewall, but has been reported to happen with some third-party ones (specifically Norton). Add Mega Man Maker as an exception to your firewall.
  • ► Gray screen = Server is experiencing heavy load and can't load things up in time
  • ► Error 500 = Server is experiencing heavy load and cannot handle your request at the moment
  • ► Persistence error = Server is experiencing heavy load and cannot handle your request at the moment
  • ► Error 400 = Your profile.ini and user account data don't match, delete profile.ini and try to create the account or log in
  • ► Music still plays after closing the game = Open the task manager and end the game process
  • Teleporter disappears at the other side and now it works like a one-way teleporter = It's a pretty cool bug so we've decided to keep it.
  • ► Error -70 while uploading = Your ISP or VPN is blocking parts of the game, making you unable to upload or even play online. Attempt to connect by using a different internet connection, or by turning off your VPN
  • ► HTTPControl error = restart your MMM client and re-attempt the download. This is likely due to a connection issue.
  • ► "Cannot load buffer file at gml_Script_GME_LoadSong" error = Often, simply restarting your computer and trying again solves the issue. Other times, waiting about a day and trying again works. There is unfortunately no reliable fix.
  • ► "Data structure with index does not exist" error = do the following. Go to %localappdata%/MegaMaker/Settings and delete the files BeatenLevels.sav, PlayedLevels.sav and VotedLevels.sav. Restart the game and it shouldn't crash anymore. Keep in mind that this means the game forgets what levels you have played, beaten or voted on.


Category Channel Description Roles needed to post
Uncategorized #welcome N/A
  • Project Leader
#rules_and_faq The rules you'll have to follow in this server. Please read them carefully.

You can also find frequently asked questions here.

  • Project Leader (ownership of the server)
#download Download the latest version of Mega Man Maker here! You can also find this on
  • Programmer
#game_announcements Here we'll make announcements for the game. This includes new features, changes and more.
  • Server
  • Website and bot
  • Global moderator
  • Robot Master
  • Discord moderator
#community_announcements This channel is for announcements, changes, additions, etc. regarding the Mega Man Maker Discord (this) server, the forums, and the community in general.
  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Discord moderator
Staff #secret_global_mod_channel And Roller?
  • Global moderator
#mighty-secret-mod-channel We hold discussions about stuff in the community platforms here. Memes everywhere.
  • Developer
  • Community staff
  • Trial staff
  • Discord server tester
  • Robot Master
  • Trial Discord mod
#warning_log If you warn, kick, ban, mute, or undo any of the actions from a member in a community service (this server, the wiki, or the forums), post a log of that here. Do not discuss logs in this channel.

FORMAT Member - Punishment type (length optional): Reason

  • Global moderator
  • Community staff
  • Trial staff
  • Robot Master
#log N/A
  • Programmer
  • Server
  • Website and bot
  • Global moderator
  • Discord moderator
  • Trial Discord mod
  • Robot Master
Community #mmm_chat Discussion about Mega Man Maker or Mega Man. This is also the place to discuss your levels! Discussion of other topics should go in #general_chat! No shitposting.

You may share levels here if you cannot or would not use #level_showcase.

#general Discuss anything in line with the rules here. No shitposting.
#memes A channel for memes, shitposting or funny things. Server rules still apply. To rename this channel, the new channel name must contain the word "meme" in it.
#hall of memes Any meme that is good enough to have 7 pinkuns on it will be posted in this channel. This channel will be preserved for the best memes only. You may want to mute this.
#gaming General discussion of games as well as online matchmaking. Feel free to ask for a pingable role for Smash, Mario Kart, Pokémon, Splatoon or sonic heroes online. so you know when other members want to throw down.
#creative_showcase Showcase your own art, music, non-MMM streams or pretty much anything here! Levels go in #level_discussion and streams of MMM go in #mmm_streams
#mmm_streams_and videos Share your streams of Mega Man Maker here! Streams of other games should go in #other_showcase. If you want the streamer role, please ping one of the moderators.
  • Streamer
#mmm_wiki For discussing the Mega Man Maker Wiki. (
#mmm_mod_showcase Share Mega Man Maker mods in this channel. To get the role, first ask a moderator. Do not hold discussions in here, please.
  • Mega Man Maker mod creator
#mmm_mod_discussion Discussion related to Mega Man Maker mods.
#bot The place to use bot commands. Using bot commands in other channels without a solid reason is not allowed.
Mega Man Maker #level_discussion Showcase the levels you made in Mega Man Maker or discuss levels you found! Please provide the level ID, a short description and, if possible, some screenshots.
#fan_challenges Post your Mega Man Maker fan challenges or active challenges you found (with proper credit to the original challenge creator) in this channel with information and a way for users to submit levels for the challenge.

If you want the 'Fan challenge organizer' role, please ping one of the moderators and message that moderator about the challenge.

  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Discord moderator
  • Trial Discord mod
  • Fan challenge organizer
#feedback_suggestions Share your feedback for the game or post any suggestions you have! Please only discuss suggestions in #feedback_discussion and read pinned messages.
#feedback_discussion This channel is for talking about feedback or suggestions. Only elaborate on ideas posted in #feedback_suggestions or ideas you wish to post there.
#bug_reports ONLY report bugs you found in the game. Please do not have discussions here, even when these discussions are related to bugs, to prevent burying the bug reports--if needed, discuss bugs in #help_support. Please read pinned messages before reporting bugs.

For guidelines for your bug report, see the first post in this thread:

#help_support Ask for help about Mega Man Maker here.
#nsf_replacements Share custom music in .nsf format here. Please keep discussion elsewhere.
  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Discord moderator
  • Trial Discord mod
  • NSF replacer
#nsf_discussion NOT NSFW DISCUSSION. This channel is for discussing anything .nsf (Nintendo Sound Format)-related. You can also ask for .nsf files of songs.
Voice Channels #voice If you want to join a voice call but can't or don't want to talk yourself, you can post text messages here.


Update Hype
MultiplayerVC #1
Archives #general2 A second general channel for when the first becomes too messy.
  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Community staff
#calm_room No shitposts, normal conversations only. Shitposting here will get you excluded from this channel.
#mm11_spoilers N/A
#tester_talk_archive Archive for beta tester applicants.
  • Developer
#smash_bros_ultimate_spoilers N/A
  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Community staff
mmmlcc_2017_archive Discussion of the first official Mega Man Maker level contest goes here!

Main forum thread: Discussion forum thread:

  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Community staff
  • Level contest 2017 host
  • Level contest 2017 assistant


  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Community staff
  • Former challenge judge
  • Developer
  • Global moderator
  • Community staff
  • Level contest 2019 host
  • Level contest 2019 assistant
  • Level contest 2019 judge
#mmmlcc_2019_discussion_archive General discussion of the contest. Questions go here. Don't forget to check the doc!

Discord Staff



Level search bot

The level search bot, also known as Mega Bot is a Discord bot that is meant to provide information on Mega Man Maker users and levels. It was created by Mors and released on July 18, 2017 for the game's Discord server. The bot can be invited to other Discord server. The bot is on version 5.0.

The bot can find stats and information about levels and users, as well as give a "quick-play" direct link to a level. In addition, there are games that the user can play with the bot such as rock paper scissors with Robot Master bosses.

On August 5, 2020, Goldstorm and Mors passed the code from the Pronto Man bot to the Mega Bot while polishing some things.

Level Search Bot Commands (until 4.0)

This is a table of all commands that were available with the level search bot until it got Pronto Man's code. All descriptions are exactly as they appeared in the !help table of the bot. However, the commands to add roles to an user are not shown in the !help command list.

The !top command does not work properly and instead shows the user's rank on the server similar to !rank.

Category Command Command Description
Mega Maker Bot  !author Shows information about creator of a level. You can enter a level ID, a search term, or the full name of the level.
 !getlink Gives you the instant play link of a level. You can enter a level ID, a search term, or the full name of the level.
 !level Shows information about a level. You can enter a level ID, a search term, or the full name of the level.
 !newest Shows information about the newest level.
 !popular Shows information about the currently most popular level.
 !random Shows information about a random level.
 !stats Shows the number of server members, in-game users, and levels.
 !user Shows information about a user. You can enter the full name of the user, or the user ID.
Fun  !8ball Generic bot command that can be found in 90% of all Discord bots.
 !coin Tosses a virtual coin and shows the result.
 !guess Play a guessing game with the bot.
 !rps Play rock paper scissors against a robot master.
Leaderboard (only works in the Mega Man Maker Official Server)  !rank Shows your ranking on the server.
 !top Shows top 10 most active users of the server.
Other  !avatar Shows the user's avatar.
 !help or !commands Shows available commands.
 !invite Shows invite links of the bot and the server.
Gaming roles (only works in the Mega Man Maker Official Server)  !mariokart Gives the Mario kart role.
 !smashbros Gives the Smash brother role.
 !splatoon Gives the Splatoon role.
 !pokemon Gives the Pokemon enslaver role.
 !fortnite Gives the Epic Fortnite player role.
 !parsec Gives the parsec player role.
 !sonicheroesonline. Gives the sonicheroesonline. role.


  • The #memes channel was named #shitposting prior to the server revamp in early May 2020; the moderators like to change the channel name and description every few days for fun.
  • The level search bot could be changed to a random Robot Master username and profile picture by the Discord moderators using the command !change. However, also as part of the server revamp, the command was disabled (presumably by Mors) and has been Proto Man's username and profile picture since the revamp.
  • When the bot broke down on July 22, 2020, the bot that was based off of Pronto Man was used to debug the new features that the level search bot would have after being fixed.