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Background for the server invite of the Mega Man Maker Official Server made by PKWeegee.

The Mega Man Maker Official Server is the official Discord group for Mega Man Maker. The Discord server was made for people to discuss the game and its development as well as have unrelated general conversations with other members of the community in real-time. Announcements about the game and the community platforms are also posted in the #game_announcements and #community_announcements channels respectively.

For the game's development, there is a separate developer Discord server where staff members discuss and work on the game.


The server was created by WreckingPrograms on June 26, 2017 when the initial version of Mega Man Maker was in an advanced development phase. Development team members and candidates for example levels for 1.0.0 had access to the server. The server was made accessible to the public on July 8, 2017 when WreckingPrograms uploaded the reveal trailer for Mega Man Maker and released the website for the game.

To reduce the number of channels, WreckingPrograms made polls to decide to merge some channels. The #rules and #faq were merged into a sole #rules_and_faq channel, while the #level_showcase and #level_discussion ones were merged into #level_discussion.

After discussion in the moderation team, it was decided that #calm_room would be archived and #general would be stricter against "shitposting" by only allowing it in moderation.


The main changes to the community were an active seeking of community staff and an establishment that developers were no longer given moderator permissions by default. The latter change was made since developers were not necessarily hired with the mindset of moderating and some might either be unfit or unable to manage the platforms.


After a proposal by Midas Magnezone, the channel #communinty_announcements was created on February 17 to announce changes to the server. Along with that, a new channel for discussing the music file format of Mega Man Maker and replacements for it, #nsf_discussion, was created.

An #update_hype channel was created on February 20 for the release of version 1.6.0. After the release of the update, it was archived.

Four days later on February 24, the #online_building channel was created for online building server posting. On March 7, a new role (Online Builder) was created to notify those with the role when a user wants to build online in the channel. The user can get the role using the bot with commands.

The #other_showcase channel was renamed to #creative_showcase for better understanding on March 14.

An impersonation rule was added on April 1 due to recent events at the time. Rules 2 and 10 would then be updated slightly shortly after.

On May 1, the Discord received an overhaul including the Mega Maker role and modifications to certain channels. The new modification limited the permissions of inactive or new people in order to encourage more activity and to familiarize people with the server first.

Three days later on May 4, a new role (NSF Creator) was created for NSF creators.

On June 20, Goldstorm created a starboard for the bot so that people could pin memes and other images or GIFs. Posts that receive five or more pin reactions are showcased in the #hall_of_memes channel.

On July 1, the streaming channel was changed to include videos as well and was renamed as such to #mmm_streams_and_videos.

From July 29 to August 5, the bot was tested by Mors and Goldstorm to check if it was ready for upgrading. On August 5, the Pronto Man bot was deactivated and its code was ported to the Mega Bot with more features added to it.

A new rule against roleplaying was added on August 7 due to recent incidents of roleplaying at the time.

On August 9, two new channels for modding (#mod_showcase and #mod_discussion) were created to help give Mega Man Maker mods spotlight.

When Discord introduced a new Community Server feature, the team agreed to enable it in order to allow the announcement channels to be followed in other servers. The two announcement channels were modified for this purpose.

  1. level_discussion was brought back on September 20 to facilitate discussions focused on levels in Mega Man Maker.


  Main article: Mega Man Maker Official Server/Rules

The FAQ is posted in the #rules_and_faq channel by WreckingPrograms#2152 and was last updated on February 7, 2021. The current iteration of the FAQ was posted on July 27, 2019.


  Main article: Mega Man Maker Official Server/Channels

Discord Staff



Level search bot

The level search bot, also known as Mega Bot or ProtoBot is a Discord bot that is meant to provide information on Mega Man Maker users and levels. It was created by Mors and released on July 18, 2017 for the game's Discord server. The bot can be invited to other Discord server. The bot is on version 5.0.

The bot can find stats and information about levels and users, as well as give a "quick-play" direct link to a level. In addition, there are games that the user can play with the bot such as rock paper scissors with Robot Master bosses.

On August 5, 2020, Goldstorm and Mors passed the code from the Pronto Man bot to the Mega Bot while polishing some things.

Level Search Bot Commands (until 4.0)

This is a table of all commands that were available with the level search bot until it got Pronto Man's code. All descriptions are exactly as they appeared in the !help table of the bot. However, the commands to add roles to an user are not shown in the !help command list.

The !top command does not work properly and instead shows the user's rank on the server similar to !rank.

Someone please make this table :>


  • Due to the initial criticism regarding the addition of another exploding Robot Master boss with Blast Man's reveal for 1.6.0, a bright red color "Explosive" role was created for the Discord server in December 2019. To prevent confusion with the colors of other important roles, only developers and moderators can have this role.
  • The #memes channel was named #shitposting prior to the server revamp in early May 2020; the moderators like to change the channel name and description every few days for fun.
  • The pin emoji used to react to messages to add them to the #hall_of_memes channel is an enemy created in the Discord server called Pinkun. The idea originally began as a pin emoji weapon suggested by Midas Magnezone and resulted in the Pinkun enemy after a few iterations. The Pinkun sprite was created by Crusty Gyro.
  • The level search bot could be changed to a random Robot Master username and profile picture by the Discord moderators using the command !change. However, also as part of the server revamp, the command was disabled (presumably by Mors) and has been Proto Man's username and profile picture since the revamp.
  • When the bot broke down on July 22, 2020, the bot that was based off of Pronto Man was used to debug the new features that the level search bot would have after being fixed.


Server banner background for the Discord server