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PKWeegee's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Beta tester (formerly)
Writer (formerly)
Moderator (formerly)
Also known as Phoebe Kukiko
Gender: Female
Lives in Austria
Known for Megamix Engine (Beta tester and moderator)
Megaman Dissolution[1]
Discord: PKWeegee#7899
Website: Facebook

PKWeegee is a former beta tester, flavor text writer and moderator for Mega Man Maker. She was also one of the judges of the Proto-Pocalypse challenge event. PKWeegee was accepted as a moderator alongside +Zircon on July 17, 2017. She focused on moderating the Discord server but also moderated the Forums. She stepped down as a moderator in July 2019 and left the development team after 1.6.0's release.

In addition to her work in Mega Man Maker, PKWeegee is also a judge for Make a Good Mega Man Level 3, beta tester for other Mega Man fan projects such as the Megamix Engine, and created the fangame Megaman Dissolution. She also uploads Let's Plays of games to her YouTube channel, PKWeegee1337[1].

On July 7, 2018, she designed the background for the Discord server invite by editing the title screen page in Photoshop.


Example Levels
Level Name Added in Version
Chamber of Trials 1.0.0
MM1 Mashup


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