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Role: Spriter
UI Designer
Also known as Gaem0n
Gender: Male
Lives in Thailand

Gaem is an artist, spriter and a UI designer of Mega Man Maker. He is also one of the profile icon spriters.

Gaem was the first spriter to join the development team. He was hired by WreckingPrograms before the launch to create complex sprites. In addition to his own work, Gaem helped WreckingPrograms with some sprites. Gaem also designed most of the original profile icons and helped with the user interface. On top of his work as a spriter, he designed promotional artwork for Shine, 1.0.0 and 1.3.0.

Gaem designed the new logo for Mega Man Maker to replace the Mega Maker logo due to trademark issues.



Icon Boss Contributions Added in version Notes
SpringIcon.png Spring Man Sprites 1.4.0 Finished by Sodacoma