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Version 1.3.0 was a major update to Mega Man Maker released on March 23, 2018. This update focused primarily on adding content from Mega Man 4 and 5, and introduced the ability to play as characters other than Mega Man.

New Features

Player characters




Level objects



  • Cossack 1 tiles
  • Cossack 3 tiles
  • MM4 Wily 1 tiles
  • MM4 Wily 2 tiles
  • Dark 1 tiles
  • Dark 2 tiles
  • Dark 3 tiles
  • MM5 Wily 1 tiles
  • Cossack 3 BG
  • Cossack 4 BG
  • MM4 Wily 1 BG
  • MM4 Wily 2 BG
  • MM4 Wily 3 BG
  • Dark 1 BG
  • Dark 2 BG
  • Dark 3 BG
  • Dark 4 BG
  • MM5 Wily 2 BG
  • MM5 Wily 3 BG
  • MM5 Wily 4 BG


  • Character abilities and weapon slots are now displayed on the boss intro screen, even online.
  • You can now right-click an enemy's color icon to go back to the previous color.
  • Added Bass to the profile icons selection.
  • Two new example levels: Automata Fortress by Nickelasse and Escape from the Space Station Puzzle by Meka, both winners from the level contest.
  • Spines are weak to more weapons, all of which were effective against Spine-like enemies in the original games.
  • Pressing the Map and UI switches in the editor has been made more lenient.
  • Weapon blocks and barriers now default to having no weapon, allowing you to place reflecting blocks with a full weapon set.
  • By default, the editor now starts about a quarter into the level horizontally. This allows you to easily expand your level to the left.
  • Restarting from the last checkpoint when you haven't touched a checkpoint now acts as restarting the stage, which means ammo gets refilled and tanks respawn. Also applies to quick restarting.
  • Charge Man's second background now moves at 60 fps, making it much smoother.

Fixed Bugs

  • Enemies, most notably Fan Fiends, sometimes face the wrong way when playing a level online.
  • Loading a level from the menu without playing a level first can result in all empty weapon slots getting filled with Silver Tomahawk.
  • Brain Break cannot be killed while Flash Stopper is active.
  • There is one pixel horizontally where you can active the Map and UI switches in the editor at the same time.
  • Tama, its fleas and its yarn balls cannot be frozen by Ice Slasher.
  • Mag Fly can still carry you when climbing a ladder.
  • You can start climbing a ladder while sliding under a ceiling, allowing you to clip.
  • Moving an Oil Slider blob by a jumpthrough moving platform can cause the game to crash under certain circumstances.
  • On large resolutions, a bit of Mega Man's blue palette may be visible when using a different palette.
  • Elec Beams, Fire Beams and Flame Pillars are affected by Gravity Hold.
  • Key Doors can be despawned with pixel-perfect movement.
  • Search Snake can clip on certain terrain layouts.
  • If you're standing on a solid that's two blocks into the screen below, then move to an empty space, you can transition into the solid and get stuck.
  • Magnet Man, Hard Man and Wood Man can't destroy weapon blocks or barriers.
  • When standing directly against a wall, Magnet Man can't hurt you with his Magnet Missiles.
  • Sometimes you can't enter or change your level name.
  • You can clip into magnets sometimes.
  • Bosses drop an item when crushed by a moving platform.
  • If you slide onto Oil Slider, you can still move below one block tall ceilings for a short while.
  • When shooting Gemini Laser directly against a wall, parts of it can go through the wall.
  • The Energy Balancer doesn't reliably fill up the weapon with the least ammo.
  • Moving platforms can still move you if you're in a teleporter.
  • If you slide into spikes while on a moving platform at a specific height, you can slide through them.