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Artwork of a Docron from Mega Man 4
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
HP: 1 (Docron) 4 (Spawner)
Damage: 4 (Contact)

The Docron is a small mobile skull-like enemy featured in Mega Man Maker which originally appeared in Mega Man 4, specifically appearing in the second and fourth stages of Dr. Cossack's Citadel and the second section of the Wily Castle. It simply moves towards the player to attack, only turning around if it hits a wall. It deals a fair amount of damage to the player, but only has 1 point of health, so it dies very easily.

The Docrons also have a spawner that can mass produce them. The Docron Spawner is a blue pipe-like ceiling hatch that will spit out a single Docron every few seconds. Unlike other spawners, the Docron Spawners are actually treated as enemies, meaning they can damage the player on contact, but can also be destroyed themselves. The spawners have 4 points of health and deal the same amount of damage as the Docrons that they spawn.

An example of a Docron Spawner creating Docrons.

Docrons that appeared directly will not be destroyed until the player character attacks them, but Docrons that came from a spawner will self-destroy after some time.


  • If a Docron Spawner is frozen using Ice Slasher it will stop producing Docrons until it thaws out.
  • The name "Docron" comes from the Japanese word for skull, "dokuro".
  • The description of Docron Spawners in Mega Man Maker make fun of the fact that the spawners are stronger than the Docrons they produce.


  • If a Docron specifically from a Docron Spawner is dropped onto the main portion of either type of Ring Platform, they will fall through it shortly after landing for reasons unknown.