Dust Crusher

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Dust Crusher
Artwork for the Dust Crusher in Mega Man 4
Game information
Description: Large hunk o' junk that breaks into 4 pieces after hitting an enemy.
Damage: 2(main projectile), 2(small pieces)
Added in version: 1.7.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Other appearances: Mega Man III
Programmer(s): Luigi

Dust Crusher is Dust Man's signature weapon, originating from Mega Man 4 and reappearing in Mega Man III. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.7.0.

It allows the user to shoot a clump of scrap metal forward that, upon contact with an enemy splits into 4 smaller pieces in an "X" formation. It will not split if it touches a destructible object, however. Only one Dust Crusher can be onscreen at a time, and the smaller bits must leave the screen before it can be refired. All Spine-type enemies are susceptible to this weapon.


Dust Crusher

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