Atomic Chicken

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Atomic Chicken
Official artwork of an Atomic Chicken from Mega Man 2.
Game information
Alternate name(s): Kukku
Category: Enemies
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
Other appearances: Mega Man II
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Programmer(s): Luigi

Atomic Chicken (also known as Kukku) is a running robot enemy with the appearance of a chick that originates in the later parts of Wood Man's stage in Mega Man 2.

This enemy can run and jump, moving in the direction it was set to. When colliding with a wall, Atomic Chicken will turn around. Attacking it with the buster is ineffectual due to its durability. If hit with Metal Blade, it will simply reflect it. It is also immune to Bubble Lead and Air Shooter.

It is not recommended to attempt to attack an Atomic Chicken due to its high amount of HP, its speed, and how it despawns. However, a fully charged Atomic Fire shot can destroy one in a single hit.