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Version 1.7.5 is a minor update to Mega Man Maker that focused on bug fixes and added the bug-turned-feature, Magnetic Ceiling. The update was released by WreckingPrograms on May 21, 2021. Despite 1.7.4 being announced as the final update for 1.7.0, 1.7.5 was also announced to be the final version of 1.7.0 as well as the last update overall where WreckingPrograms worked as a programmer and project leader.


New Features

  • Added the Magnetic Ceiling, as well as On/Off and Conveyor variants. Jump into this ceiling to stick to it and move around freely. You cannot move when attached to the Conveyor variant though, so be careful!
  • Added a new example level: Magnetic Interference by Objectionable.


Fixed Bugs