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Objectionable's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker
Role: Beta tester
Example level creator
Level Moderator
Also known as Seizure Man
Known for Roll Over Bass, Mega Cum Maker
In-game account ID: 255034

Objectionable is a beta tester, writer, and level moderator for Mega Man Maker. She joined the development team alongside former moderator BigMaster as well as Doctor Lumen on August 23, 2020 during 1.7.0's development.

Objectionable had previously made a mod for version titled "Roll Over Bass" that replaced most of Bass' sprites with Roll's sprites made by BushBacon. After 1.6.0's release, Objectionable helped with testing the Build Online function. Following the release of 1.7.0, she created the first UI mod for that version of the game, titled "Mega Cum Maker". The mod changed little about the game aside from changing the title screen to read "Mega Cum Maker" instead of "Mega Man Maker". After 1.7.0's release, Objectionable became a level moderator alongside iceman x fireman, Mad Man, Doctor Lumen, and TheSkyknight100.


Example Levels
Level Name Added in Version Notes
SkullSteam Factory 1.7.0
Scorchthaw Summit
Wily Airlines - Disaster Transport
Better Together Alongside Meka, BigMaster, and Mad Man
SkullSteam Ruins - Zirate Intervention 1.7.4
Magnetic Interference 1.7.5