Midas Magnezone

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Midas Magnezone
Midas Magnezone's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker
Role: Beta tester (formerly)
Also known as Midas
Gender: Male
Discord: Midas Sobble#4859
In-game account ID: 289696
Website: YouTube

Midas Magnezone is a moderator for the Mega Man Maker Official Wiki and a former moderator for the Mega Man Maker Official Server and former beta tester of Mega Man Maker. He was accepted as a trial Discord moderator on December 9, 2019[1] and was ascended to full Discord moderator on January 5, 2020 alongside BigDestroyer[2]. After the release of version 1.6.2, Midas was brought into the development team on March 10, 2020 as a beta tester alongside ShallotMussels. WreckingPrograms selected Midas as a beta tester as he considered Midas to be reliable and hardworking.[3] Midas left the moderation and development team on June 17, 2020. He was trialled for wiki moderation alongside Danikah starting January 26, 2021, and both passed their trial phase on March 12, 2021.

As a moderator, Midas created a channel to discuss and request NSF file replacements for Mega Man Maker (#nsf_discussion) and created a separate channel for announcements regarding the Discord server (#server_announcements, later changed to #community_announcements to reflect announcements regarding the whole Mega Man Maker community)[4] while the name of the #announcements channel was changed to #game_announcements. Leading upto the release of update 1.6.0, Midas also created a temporary channel to discuss and share excitement regarding the release of 1.6.0 (#update-hype).[5]

Midas Magnezone helped with testing the Build Online function and was in a dedicated Discord server.