Midas Magnezone

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Midas Magnezone
Midas Magnezone's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker
Role: Beta tester (formerly)
Also known as Midas
Gender: Male
Discord: Midas Magnezone#4859
In-game account ID: 289696
Website: YouTube

Midas Magnezone is a trial moderator for the Mega Man Maker Official Wiki and a former moderator for the Mega Man Maker Official Server and former beta tester of Mega Man Maker. He was accepted as a trial Discord moderator on December 9, 2019[1] and was ascended to full Discord moderator on January 5, 2020 alongside BigDestroyer[2]. After the release of version 1.6.2, Midas was brought into the development team on March 10, 2020 as a beta tester alongside ShallotMussels. WreckingPrograms selected Midas as a beta tester as he considered Midas to be reliable and hardworking.[3] Midas left the moderation and development team on June 17, 2020. He was trialled for wiki moderation on January 26, 2021 alongside Danikah.

As a moderator, Midas created a channel to discuss and request NSF file replacements for Mega Man Maker (#nsf_discussion) and created a separate channel for announcements regarding the Discord server (#server_announcements, later changed to #community_announcements to reflect announcements regarding the whole Mega Man Maker community)[4] while the name of the #announcements channel was changed to #game_announcements. Leading upto the release of update 1.6.0, Midas also created a temporary channel to discuss and share excitement regarding the release of 1.6.0 (#update-hype).[5]

Midas Magnezone helped with testing the Build Online function and was in a dedicated Discord server.