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The Online feature of Mega Man Maker allows players to play levels that have been created with the Level Builder feature.

To access the online features of Mega Man Maker, you must first input your account password. Once the password has been inputted correctly, you are free to play people's uploaded levels. Players also can upload levels with said Online features. To ensure that the level is solvable, the level must be beaten by its creator before it can be uploaded to Mega Man Maker's server, and then the creator is asked to confirm if they really want to upload the level.


  • The ability to play the Wily Challenge game mode.
  • The ability to like and dislike levels after playing them at least once, regardless if completed or not.
  • The ability to share levels.
  • The ability to download a level, for use offline.
  • The ability to search for levels, via Keywords, Level ID, or other criteria.