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Mega Man Maker (known as Mega Maker prior to version 1.1.0) is a fangame created by WreckingPrograms that lets users create and share their own levels. It is a level creation tool based on the platforming of the main Mega Man series.


WreckingPrograms had previously worked on the Mega Engine, an open-source GameMaker engine he created that allowed people to create Mega Man fan games and experiments. His prior previous experience and passion for programming fangames led him to create a game where non-programmers could create Mega Man levels.[1]

The game has been in development since September 2016. Originally developed solely by WreckingPrograms, due to the game's scope, he decided to recruit other people to help him with the game.[2]

The game, known as Mega Maker at the time, was released on July 15, 2017, for Microsoft Windows, though users have found ways to play the game on macOS and Linux. Mega Man Maker was one of the names during development, but it was shortened to Mega Maker before the release. Despite being a small project, the game picked up speed quickly through wide coverage and as popular YouTubers like GTLive and Blue Television Games played the game on their channels. After the game's release, WreckingPrograms said he would like to do more releases not only to fix bugs but to add more content from the official games, including content from Mega Man 7 onward.[2]

The first update to add new features after the initial release was 1.0.9, a minor update released on September 9, 2017, focused on celebrating Cirno Day (September 9 every year) based on the character Cirno from the Touhou video game series.

Nearly two months later, on October 24, 2017, the first major update version 1.1.0 was released, adding brand new content from games already represented. The game's name was also changed from Mega Maker to Mega Man Maker due to a legal conflict with the trademark owner of Mega Maker along with a user interface overhaul.

Major updates have continued, releasing a few months after the previous one, each with a major feature and brand new assets from the Mega Man classic series.

For more information on Mega Man Maker's development and versions, see Version History.


When the opening screen appears and the screen says "Press start", a click or a button will show the options in the screen. "Play" will allow players to play levels, be their own levels, example levels or online levels. "Build" allows players to access to the Level Builder, to create and edit stages. "Extras" allow editing the profile to play online, have access to the tutorial, and watching the credits. "Options" allow to change the controls, the screen resolution, and minor elements of the visual part.

In play mode, the game works similar to official Mega Man platform games. Mega Man or another playable character in his place can move, shoot and depending on the settings, perform a dash or a slide. The player has to pass through the obstacles until they arrive to a goal. Generally, lives are unlimited.

To design levels in the Level Builder, the users select one type of entity from the menus and place it with the mouse. Some of these entities have settings that can be changed by clicking the respective buttons after clicking one of those. Many settings involve direction or skin options.


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  • Mega Man Maker acts like a remake and pays homage to the Mega Man Powered Up editor and the cancelled Mega Man Universe editor. However, Mega Man Maker contains more content than them and unlike the two, has purely 8-bit sprite art.