Magnetic Ceiling

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Magnetic Ceiling
Game information
Description: Jump into this powerful magnet to stick to it. It's a feature. (Magnetic Ceiling)

A magnet that automatically moves you along the ceiling. (Magnetic Ceiling Conveyor)
A ceiling magnet that's only active if the switch is blue/red. (On/Off Switch Magnetic Ceiling)

Added in version: 1.7.5
Series information
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): E-Clare

Magnetic Ceiling is a solid level object that attracts the player to it if the latter touches its bottom. It is a level object introduced in version 1.7.5. It has a north and south borders and a magnetic structure in the middle parts.

If the player is under a Magnetic Ceiling piece, they can jump to fall from it. The player can be under them as a slide or similar movements depending on the terrain settings. If Double Jump is allowed for Bass, the jump will be reset and he would be able to use the technique again after dropping off.

Aside from the main Magnetic Ceiling, there are three variants: one that is a Magnetic Conveyor and two that respond to the On/Off Switch. As its name implies, the Magnetic Conveyor pulls the character to a set direction. Similarly to the Conveyor Belt or Moving Cog, being detected by Searchy's light sensor can make them switch directions. The two switch variants depend on the switch setting. Regardless of whether they are active the middle magnet parts are always solid.


  • The level objects were inspired by a patched bug that happened with Bouncy Balls and ceilings where the Bouncy Balls put at the left of a ceiling piece of terrain made the player stick to the ceiling. When it was fixed in some users wanted the feature back in some way, so WreckingPrograms added these items in 1.7.5.
  • There were multiple draft ideas for the Magnetic Ceiling done by LF222 and E-Clare. They were repurposed for the conveyor and On/Off variants.
  • Magnetic Ceiling and other level objects have been compared to a similar level object in Glue Man's stage in Mega Man Unlimited. This object is like the conveyor variant.
  • This is the last feature to be programmed by WreckingPrograms.