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Bokazurah in Mega Man Maker
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
Damage: 4 (projectile)

Bokazurah is a level object that was introduced in version 1.5.0 of Mega Man Maker, originating from Mega Man 9.

While mostly indifferent to the player character, this plant will shoot three cannonballs at the player when provoked by projectiles, attempting to aim the cannon at the player. Those projectiles can destroy the Bokazurah Blocks, which can be helpful in some puzzles. Attacks that consist on the player using its own body to attack, like Top Spin or Charge Kick, do not work, but melee attacks like the Flame Sword and the Thunder Claw do.

Its interactions with the player character are similar to those of terrain. They are affected by gravity, although Conveyor Belts cannot push them. If one falls over the player character, it will die, and the same principle applies to enemies and bosses.

Bokazurah Block

Bokazurah Blocks.PNG

Bokazurah Blocks are 1x1 blocks that also appear in Mega Man 9. They act like solid terrain, and can be dragged like most level objects.

The Bokazurah's cannonballs are the only thing that can destroy these blocks, and one cannonball is enough to destroy the Bokazurah Block. No weapon is able to destroy those blocks, however Rolling Drills can pass through them.