Laser Trident

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Laser Trident
Laser Trident.png
Mega Man firing a Laser Trident
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 9

Laser Trident is Splash Woman's signature weapon from Mega Man 9 that is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its 1.5.0 Version update. The user shoots out up to three trident tip-shaped energy bolts straight forward at decently high speed. The Laser Tridents not only move fast, but can also pierce through enemy shields thus allowing the user to damage enemies that are shielded and hit their unprotected areas. However, enemies that can become fully shielded at points such as the Diarn will be unaffected by the tridents as they don't have an exposed weak point, though the projectiles will still pass through them and continue on rather than be deflected.

The weapon is very efficient, as in combination with its speed, firing rate, and piercing ability it has low energy consumption of 1/2 a point per shot.


  • Early on in Mega Man 9's development, Laser Trident's colors were two different shades of green instead of blue and yellow.
  • Interestingly, Laser Trident's color scheme is identical to that of the weapon Photon Missile from Mega Man V/Rockman World V on the GameBoy. Having blue hard armor, yellow soft armor, and even red joints.
  • The color scheme of Laser Trident also coincidentally resembles the colors of the infamous Bad Box Art Mega Man.
  • Laser Trident was the first weapon from Mega Man 9 revealed to be in 1.5.0 via a teaser where Mega Man was shown using it against Concrete Man.