Time Slow

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Time Slow
Time Slow V1.png
Artwork for the Time Slow by Justazag
Game information
Description: Sloooow dooown tiiiiiiime.
Damage: 0
Added in version: 1.1.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man Powered Up
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): Sodacoma

Time Slow is Time Man's signature weapon from the remake of the first Mega Man game, Mega Man Powered Up, and is one of the weapons featured in Mega Man Maker since version 1.1.0.

When used, it slows down the actions of all enemies and objects on screen for 8 seconds. A timer icon below the weapon gauge shows the player how much time is left until it deactivates. It cannot be cancelled once activated, but the user can still switch to another weapon. The background music also slows down during its duration, though this is a purely aesthetic detail. Against bosses, it can deal damage only if it's set as a primary weakness, and they are immune to the slowing effect if no weaknesses are set or if it's set as an immunity. Weapon Blocks marked with Time Slow will be destroyed upon initial activation.

The weapon was modified from its original use by decreasing the amount of energy it consumes, allowing for 7 uses with a full gauge as opposed to 2. Its use makes it more akin to Flash Stopper It no longer holds the user in place upon activation or extends a boss's invulnerability frames either.