Time Slow

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Time Slow
Time Slow.png
Fanmade artwork of Mega Man using Time Slow by Justazag
Description: Sloooow dooown tiiiiiiime.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man Powered Up
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Time Slow is Time Man's signature ability from the remake of Mega Man 1, Mega Man Powered Up. When activated, the user will cause a small burst that will temporarily cause time to slow down by 30% for everything on screen (in addition to the music) except the player character themselves. Once this happens, a small clock will appear under the user's life bar where it will slowly complete one cycle. Once the clock runs out, time will then return to normal. Unlike most other weapons in Mega Man Maker, Time Slow will remain active even if the user switches to another weapon. The effect will remain active as well even after the Player picks a Weapon Remover of the Time Slow, although the weapon will be inaccessible until the player collects a Weapon Capsule of the Time Slow. Additionally, if there are Weapon Blocks or Weapon Barriers on screen when Time Slow is first activated, the small otherwise harmless shock wave will destroy them all.

The Time Slow is far more durable in Mega Man Maker than in Mega Man Powered Up; originally, the weapon only allowed two uses without recharging, while here its ammo consumption is more akin to that of the Flash Stopper. The tempo slowdown is unique to Mega Man Maker.


  • Time Slow is one of two exclusive weapons from the game Mega Man Powered Up that didn't previously appear in the original Mega Man game. This because it comes from one of the two newly introduced Robots Masters, Time Man. The other being Oil Man's Oil Slider.


  • Like Gravity Hold, Time Slow can be exploited to destroy weapon containers that don't correspond to it if the user quickly switches to the corresponding weapon as the initial shock wave goes off. This however seems to have been patched in later updates, as it is either harder to, or impossible to do in the current version of the game.