Jewel Satellite

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Jewel Satellite
Jewel Satellite.png
Jewel Satellite's concept art in Mega Man 9
Description: A shiny shield that reflects projectiles and defeats weak enemies.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
Damage: 2
Programmer(s): Luigi

Jewel Satellite is Jewel Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 9, and is one of the weapons featured in Mega Man Maker since its 1.5.0 version.

When used, the player will summon 4 large light blue jewels that will orbit around them acting as a shield. The jewels can reflect back or destroy most enemy projectiles that come in contact with them. If the weapon is fired again while already activated, it will be thrown directly in front of the user. The weapon does only two points of damage when the jewels come in contact with an enemy, however if the enemy has two or fewer health points the jewels will not be destroyed.

This ability to power through weak enemies, deflect back most projectiles, and weapon energy only being used when the shield is first activated makes the weapon one of the most powerful and useful shield weapons in the classic Mega Man series.

Unlike shields like the Leaf Shield or the Skull Barrier, this weapon cannot be properly used over a Reflecting Yoku Block or Weapon Blocks for other weapons.

When fired against an enemy with an orbiting shield it may fail, but if used to reflect the sent shield it can be effective. This happens with Wood Man.


  • Early on in Mega Man 9's development, Jewel Satellite was originally called Diamond Satellite.
  • Despite Jewel Man and his version of Jewel Satellite being pink, the jewels are light blue when used by the player. This may be a leftover from, or reference to Jewel Man's early concept art where his original concept Diamond Man was prominently light blue instead of Pink.
  • When first implemented into the game, Jewel Satellite would often reflect off of certain level objects that it normally should not be able to interact with, including Thunder Claw Poles and Reflecting Yoku Blocks that were not currently visible. This was later patched out by version 1.5.4, though it is unknown what caused the problem in the first place. Strangely, however, even in this version, the weapon continues to reflect off of Magma Generators, TNT, the backside of Rolling Drills (although the weapon is still capable of destroying a Rolling Drill from the front), and all types of Force Beams.

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