Grenade Man

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Grenade Man
Artwork of Grenade Man from Mega Man 8
Game information
Description: Lobs grenades, mines and rushes at you for a very hectic fight, hee hee.
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (contact/debris)

5 (Dash contact/Flash Bomb) 3 (other bombs

Added in version: 1.5.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): Zedicon

DWN-063 Grenade Man is an explosive Robot Master and one of the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 8 that is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.5.0.

Using the impressive speed given by his overdrive system and a variety of explosives including his signature weapon, the Flash Bomb, this sadomasochist is a dangerous force that will shake up the battlefield and blow away the opposition.

Grenade Man was built by Dr. Wily to challenge Mega Man. Hiding in some type of explosives factory, he was protecting an Evil Energy Container during Mega Man 8's events, but failed at protecting it and beating Mega Man.


Grenade Man's movements are fast and sudden, doing long jumps, dashing relatively big distance at high speeds, and hanging on walls. When he is not directly throwing any bombs, he will use these techniques to collide with the Player Character or reach a better position to fire at them.

Grenade Man's main technique is firing the Flash Bomb, which will explode if it enters on contact with a target and will reflect any of the player's weapons fired at them excluding Thunder Claw and some Barrier Weapons that can hit them back at him. He may fire the bomb when standing on the floor or when hanging on a wall. When firing from the ground, Grenade Man will shoot directly forward in the direction he is facing, but if fired from the wall he will aim diagonally downward at wherever the player character currently is. After using the Flash Bomb from the ground, he can cause chunks of building debris to fall from the the ceiling and land on the Player. This will only happen if the Flash Bomb makes contact with a wall, and will not happen if the bomb is deflected back at Grenade Man or is set off by colliding with the player character.

The Flash Bomb produces the explosions after touching terrain, the player character, or Grenade Man.

He can fire other projectiles in addition to the Flash Bombs. He will sometimes jump off of walls with a wall kick, and when he does he will fire 3 small grenades down in front of him as he is moving, these small grenades will lightly bounce off the floor before exploding. After receiving enough damage, he will use his "Crazy Destroyer" attack: he will fire out a set of 4 detonating bombs/mines that do not harm upon contact, but will soon after landing cause a series of explosions across the ground which will require the player to precisely jump over them just as they explode if they cannot otherwise get out of their range or deflect the bombs when they are fired. This attack in Mega Man 8 served to change the layout of the arena by destroying the floor and forcing the Player into a lower room, but the attack was changed to damaging floor bombs due to the possible inconveniences of that phase.[1]

Originally, Grenade Man made short hops frequently after the floor bombs exploded, but Mega Man Maker omits this pattern and makes Grenade Man instead sticks to his previous pattern.


If a weapon used by the player hits one of Grenade Man's small grenades, then it will destroy that grenade. These small grenades can also be reflected by reflective Barrier Weapons.

A few weapons in the game have the ability to reflect Grenade Man's Flash Bombs right back at him, instead of getting reflected by the bomb; however, they do not possess the ability to destroy the explosions created by Flash Bombs. These include:

The weapon Thunder Claw has the ability to reflect Grenade Man's Flash Bombs because the weapon was his original weakness in Mega Man 8 and possessed the ability to do so in that game.

A few other weapons in the game (the ones that are on the following list) are the polar opposite; they are unable to deflect Flash Bomb itself, but can destroy the explosion created by its detonation upon contact with a solid surface. These are:

Water Shield gets the best of both worlds: it is able to absorb both the Flash Bomb and its explosion as if they were just regular projectiles. The Super Arm Blocks thrown by Super Arm, and Tornado Blow also have the ability to neutralize both bomb and blast. Proto Man's Proto Shield also has similar abilities: it can both reflect Flash Bombs and despawn the explosions.

The falling building debris spawned by Flash Bomb exploding on a wall can be destroyed/reflected by the following weapons:

Proto Man's Proto Shield also has the ability to reflect the falling debris.

The mines created by Grenade Man's Crazy Destroyer attack can be destroyed by the following weapons:

  • Super Arm (by the Super Arm Block thrown by the weapon)
  • Leaf Shield
  • Skull Barrier
  • Star Crash
  • Water Wave
  • Plant Barrier
  • Tornado Hold
  • Jewel Satellite
  • Black Hole Bomb
  • Tornado Blow
  • Water Shield
  • Mirror Buster
  • Pile Driver
  • Shine

Black Hole Bomb, Super Arm and Tornado Blow can destroy all of Grenade Man's projectiles, including even the explosion created by the Flash Bomb detonating.

If the bomb is reflected to another target, the bomb will be despawned without the explosions.




  • Grenade Man has a custom entrance animation. Rather than descending from the sky, Grenade Man will enter via a large explosion in the wall. After which he will give a thumbs up.
  • In Mega Man 8, one of Grenade Man's battle quotes was "Say hello to my cute bombs!". This is believed to be a reference to the movie Scarface as it is similar to the line "Say hello to my little friend!"
    • Although Grenade Man doesn't speak in Mega Man Maker, this referential quote was itself referenced with the flavor text for the Grenade Ladder where it says "Say hello to my cute Ladders!"
  • Oddly, Flash Bombs fired downward by Grenade Man do not cause debris to fall when they explode upon hitting the floor. This is accurate to the original game, but strange none the less.


  • If Grenade Man is fought in a room that lacks walls, he can still jump up to the sides and stick to them to shoot down or wall kick. This is even in rooms that have others to their sides and are still just open space. This may have been left in intentionally to avoid limiting some of his moves, though this has not been confirmed.



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