Napalm Man

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Napalm Man
Artwork of Napalm Man from Rockman Complete Works (Mega Man 5)
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (Napalm Bomb)

5 (missile/contact)

DWN 039, Napalm Man is one of the main bosses of Mega Man 5 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. Napalm Man was built by Dr. Wily for the intention to protect a factory that builds weapons. Napalm Man collects weapons as a hobby, and owns a museum dedicated to them.

In-Game Pattern

Napalm Man can will choose one of two attacks at random, either firing two Napalm Bombs in the air which arc towards the player's position when they were fired, or firing three missiles horizontally. After each attack Napalm Man does a large jump towards the player, and will then repeat the pattern.

Unlike in Mega Man 5, Napalm Man can no longer have his AI manipulated to use a specific attack. For example, if you were close to Napalm Man, he would only fire his two Napalm Bombs, if you were far away from Napalm Man, he would only fire the three missiles. In Mega Man Maker, this was unintentionally changed, causing Napalm Man to choose either the Napalm Bombs or missiles attack randomly, but the Mega Man Maker developers decided to keep the change, as it likely made Napalm Man's AI less exploitable and predictable.


  • Napalm Man is part of a rumor that Mega Man 5 was never released in Vietnam, due to a war involving Napalm Bombs and his stage being based on Vietnam jungles.


  • If Napalm Man lands on Mega Man 6 Springs while in his "jump state", he will remain stuck in his "jump state", unable to move or fight back, until he lands on something resembling solid ground again.