Pump Man

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Pump Man
Artwork of Pump Man from Mega Man 10
Game information
Description: Fills up his Water Shield, jumps around 1 - 3 times and fires it, then repeats.
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (Contact)

4 (Water Shield)

Added in version: 1.6.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 10
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

DWN-074 Pump Man is one of the robot masters from Mega Man 10 introduced to Mega Man Maker in version 1.6.0. He uses his signature weapon, the Water Shield to attack enemies and protect himself.

Pump Man was a robot working in purifying water and due to his neat freak nature, he volunteered to clean up graffiti's from walls. But during events of Mega Man 10, he and many other robots get infected by Roboenza, which made him starting chaos. He is ultimately stopped by Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass, and later cured.


Pump Man activates the Water Shield. After that, he performs low or high jumps to the player character's direction. If he jumps without moving horizontally and he still has his Water Shield, he will release his shield so the water particles still present orbit while getting further from him while following Pump Man's current direction. After launching it, he activates the Water Shield again.

Each of the Water Shield projectiles can be destroyed by repeated weak shots or by a strong projectile. However, it may be hard to penetrate their security due to their constant rotation. If Pump Man loses the Water Shield altogether, he will not attempt to release the particles and instead will activate the Shield again. If one or more of his Water Shield projectiles and they enter in contact with a Chemical Solution with an acidity type other than 1, they are consumed while diluting the acidity of the Solution.

Similarly to other bosses, Pump Man's jumps are higher if he is underwater.

His movements are inspired by Normal Mode in Mega Man 10.


  • Unlike Mega Man 10, Pump Man does not put his buster to water/ground to create a water shield. He automatically creates it.