Commando Bomb

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Commando Bomb
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 10

Commando Bomb is a weapon from Mega Man 10 and Commando Man's weapon. This user fires a completely remote-controllable bomb that causes explosive waves with upon colliding with terrain.

The bomb's direction can be changed freely in the cardinal directions until it collides with a floor, wall or ceiling. When it does, two explosive waves appear and go in opposite directions. If it directly hits an enemy, it will simply damage it and not explode. Originally the weapon could only be changed of direction twice, but in Mega Man Maker it was reworked to allow multiple directions to encourage puzzle creation levels.

When destroying Weapon Blocks of any size set to this weapon, the bomb has a minor explosion.


  • In the sneak peek confirming the weapon's addition, the final screen is very similar to a puzzle from the Dark Necrobat stage in Mega Man X5 in which the Flash Laser was needed to unlock the passage to the Gaea Armor part. This alludes to the similar use of the Flash Laser and the Commando Bomb. In the teaser, Proto Man fails the puzzle due to the Commando Bomb's higher speed and simply bypasses it. It has been confirmed this was an intentional reference.