Bubble Lead

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Bubble Lead
Artwork for the Bubble Lead in Mega Man 2
Game information
Description: Fires heavy water bubbles that follow terrain. But how is it pronounced?
Damage: 3
Added in version: 1.7.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
Other appearances: Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

Programmer(s): Eleven

WreckingPrograms (finished and took over)

Bubble Lead is Bubble Man's signature weapon, originating from Mega Man 2 and reappearing in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge and Mega Man: The Wily Wars. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.7.0.

It shoots out a slow bubble in a small arc that then travels across the floor and down corners, only stopping if it hits a wall or enemy with more than 3 HP. It will continue onwards if it destroys an enemy or destructible object barring Weapon Blocks, but it cannot travel across Ice Blocks. When used underwater, it will rise up 2 tiles before falling due to the lower gravity. Since it is a water-based weapon, it can douse Flame Pillars, extinguish burning Oil, and dilute Chemical Solution. All members of the Spine family are susceptible to this weapon. Up to 2 Bubble Leads can be onscreen at a time.

Unlike the original weapon, it can damage almost all enemies. However, it is no longer a weakness for Hotheads.


  • Despite being originally stated to be made out of sulfuric acid, Bubble Lead lowers Chemical Solution's level instead of raising it.