Magnet Beam

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Magnet Beam
Magnet Beam.png
Artwork of Magnet Beam's appearance in Mega Man 1
Description: Build a blinking bridge that you can stand on. Hold attack to make it longer!
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

The Magnet Beam is a utility weapon originally from Mega Man 1. When fired, the user will project a long blue platform out of their buster that will go further the longer the user holds down the fire button. Once the user lets go of the fire button the platform will lock in place and the user can walk on it until it despawns. If the user then descends or ascends casing the top or bottom of the beam to hit the floor or ceiling of a block the beam will automatically lock even if the user is still firing. Only three Magnet Beam platforms can be onscreen at a time.

If a Magnet Beam platform is longer than one segment, the platform will have a flickering effect that is recreated intentionally for authenticity to Mega Man 1, where Magnet Bean longer segments flickered due to the game's inability to properly render all the segments at once. While in Mega Man 1 oonly Mega Man could interact with the Magnet Beam, in Mega Man Maker various objects recognize the Magnet Beam as a semi-solid platform.


  • The Magnet Beam is the first instance of a Weapon Capsule-like weapon pickup that is acquired mid-stage, with it is sitting on the ground of Elec Man's Stage behind some destructible blocks.
  • Also like a Weapon Capsule, if the user picks up a duplicate of the Magnet Beam it will fully refill its weapon energy.
  • The Magnet Beam uses an identical color pallet to Mega Man's default pallet, as does another utility weapon, Super Arrow from Mega Man 5. Other playable characters also adopt this pallette.
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