Thunder Wool

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Thunder Wool
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 10

Thunder Wool is Sheep Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 10 that is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its 1.6.0 version.

This weapon consists of the user launching out a cloud from their buster that floats forward and upwards into the sky with a sharp incline before stopping and dropping a lightning bolt downwards and onto the floor, creating a damaging pillar of electricity that also electrifies the floor upon contact, damaging enemies directly underneath it as well as any 2 blocks to the left or right so long as they are standing on the electrified floor.

For Mega Man Maker, the weapon had some modifications to make it more viable and practical to use than how it was originally in Mega Man 10. Before arriving to its maximum height, the cloud will pass through enemies and Bosses while dealing damage on contact assuming the enemy or Boss isn't in a shielded state. Originally contact with the cloud would cause the cloud to dissipate and nullify the attack causing no damage. However, the cloud will disappear if it collides with a target when it is dropping the lightning.

Because Thunder Wool is an electric-based weapon, contact with it and Spring Man will cause him to become magnetized. This includes both the weapon and the version of it used by Sheep Man.


  • Thunder Wool was the first weapon from Mega Man 10 revealed to be added to Mega Man Maker, appearing alongside Sheep Man himself in the 3rd teaser for 1.6.0.
  • As a result of Thunder Wool being so relatively useless and hard to use as it originally was in Mega Man 10 it is seen by most as the worst weapon in the game and one of the worst in the series, hence why like Top Spin and Charge Kick the weapon was buffed and modified when added to Mega Man Maker.
  • Despite functioning similarly to the Thunder Wool used by Sheep Man, the one used by the Player does look slightly different. Those fired by the Player Character are grey and yellow matching the colors they have with the weapon equipped, meanwhile those Sheep Man splits into are pink and have an additional animation for before they are fired. The Final cloud fired by Sheep Man also fires an extra set of electric sparks across the ground before transforming back into Sheep Man.