Hyper Bomb

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Hyper Bomb
Throw a bomb that explodes upon contact with enemies, exploding four ways.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 1

Hyper Bomb is Bomb Man's weapon from Mega Man 1 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. When used, Mega Man throws bombs in a small arc, which explodes shortly after causing massive damage to anyone nearby.

In Mega Man Maker, Hyper Bomb been improved to explode in a cross shape, stopping at walls, instead of in a circular shape. Hyper Bomb can also interact with the Mega Man 6 Springs by bouncing high into the air after landing on one. The trajectory of the shot can be manipulated by holding up or down. The Hyper Bomb also explodes on contact with enemies, weapon blocks and barriers, and destructible blocks, however collision with a destructible block won't produce an explosion.

If the Hyper Bomb is attempted to be used to attack an enemy or boss immune to it, the bomb will have no reaction until exploding, similar to its original use on Mega Man.


  • The way that Hyper Bomb explodes in Mega Man Maker is a reference to the Bomberman series.


  • Depending on the trajectory of the bomb thrown, there are times where the bombs will not react properly with springs and won't bounce off them, instead treating them as normal floor tiles and bouncing only a little and stopping on them.