Power Muscler

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Power Muscler
Artwork of a Power Muscler from Mega Man 5
Game information
Description: Jumps towards you, stomping down until it gets above you. Very durable.
HP: 13
Damage: 8 (contact)
Added in version: 1.1.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
Other appearances: Mega Man (Game Gear)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

The Power Muscler (also known as Robot Guard in Mega Man on Game Gear) is a large heavy-duty comic book inspired enemy from Mega Man 5 that is featured in Mega Man Maker.

Power Musclers are very similar in functionality to the Big Eye enemy type, with them standing in place initially, then performing a long high jump to try and land on the player character. If a Power Muscler hits a wall while trying to jump it will bounce off it and fly in the opposite direction. Power Musclers can usually be evaded by sliding or dashing under them, however doing so in a small room is risky, as Power Musclers also have upward facing thrusters on their backs which they can use to slam down quickly mid-jump when the player character is under them.

Power Musclers come in two colors, red and green.


  • In Mega Man on Game Gear, the Power Musclers in Napalm Man's stage had an all-new purple and yellow color scheme. This color scheme is not present in Mega Man Maker.


  • If a Power Muscler uses its jets to slam down and land on a spring that is vertically higher than the point it initially jumped from, it will be launched up at an excessive speed, causing it to disappear into the sky if there is no ceiling above it. This only happens if the spring is one or more blocks higher vertically; if they are on the same level as or lower than its starting position, it will bounce like normal.
    • However, if Time Slow is active and a Power Muscler slams down on a spring higher than its starting position, it will not be launched the extra height and will instead bounce like normal.

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