Crystal Man

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Crystal Man
Crystal Man.png
Rockman Complete Works Artwork of Crystal Man from Mega Man 5
In-Game Information
Category: Bosses
Description: Jumps around and shoots either a small shot or expensive bouncing crystals.
HP: 28
Damage: 5 (contact)
3 (Crystal Eye)
4 (shot)
Added in version: 1.3.0
Misc. Information
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5

DLWN-040/DRWN-040/DWN-040 Crystal Man, is one of the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 that is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its version 1.3.0 update. Crystal Man utilizes his signature weapon, the Crystal Eye, which he can eject 4 of out of his body to have bounce around the room.


Crystal Man is a robot with red eyes and is covered in green and blue crystals. His legs, main body, lower body, and helmet are a dark green. His feet, gloves, and face cover are white. Both his legs and arms are black. His knees, shoulders, and forearms are all crystal balls or appear to mimic them in appearance. He additionally has another large crystal ball embedded in his helmet and one taking up a major portion of his torso linking his upper and lower body.

In-Game Pattern

Crystal Man will typically jump forward in small increments trying to collide with the player. Occasionally, he will freeze while mid-air and flicker his head and torso crystals before firing an attack. This can be one of two attacks. The first will involve Crystal Man firing a small buster-like shot from his chest directly at the player. The second will have Crystal Man spawn 4 Crystal Eyes around him and launch them in each diagonal direction. They will then bounce off any solid walls they come in contact with and move rapidly around the room until they eventually despawn.

Crystal Man's pattern is fairly straight forward. His jumps are high and slow, allowing for the player to walk or slide under him if they need to get behind him. His attacks are also clearly telegraphed and can be told apart if paying close attention. He will always stop in the air when he's going to attack. If he stops in the middle of a normal jump, he's going to fire the direct shot at the player, however if he does an abnormally high jump, then he's about to activate Crystal Eye. It's important to just be observant of the Crystal Eyes and be ready to react if one's coming your way. This can become more difficult in unconventional boss rooms where the walls may not be in the shape of a simple square, causing the crystal projectiles to ricochet in harder to predict directions, possibly being out of sync with each other. Doing your best to still stay alert and react quickly is still your best chance at avoiding them and continuing to put the hurt on Crystal Man. Crystal Man will never use the Crystal Eye attack if the player character is less than 4 tiles away from him.

His Crystal Eye projectile speed in Mega Man Maker is also intentionally changed compared to Mega Man 5. It normally relied on the NES slowdown to make dodging the projectiles easier, but in Mega Man Maker there is no slowdown, and their original speed was considered too fast to react to, so they where slowed down.


  • Although Crystal Man is shown to be green with blue crystals from his sprite in Mega Man 5, a majority of his official art and outside appearances show him as blue or teal like his crystal portions. This may have been due to some miscommunication or graphical limitations of the NES, forcing the art and sprite to differ.
  • Crystal Man was built by Dr. Wily so he could sell artificial crystals to make money for his operations.


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