Kamegoro Maker

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Kamegoro Maker
Game information
Description: Releases turtles which progressively get faster, five in total.
Category: Bosses
HP: 28
Damage: 8 (contact)
4 (turtle)
Added in version: 1.8.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
Programmer(s): ?

The Kamegoro Maker is a fortress boss from Mega Man 3, originating from the first Wily stage. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.8.0.

The Kamegoro Maker is impervious to all attacks and moves left and right, releasing a total of five turtles which the player has to destroy in order to damage the Kamegoro Maker. When inside the water, the turtles will move in a diagonal line, bouncing off of walls. When outside of the water, the turtles will bounce up and down, their arc and speed becoming bigger the more turtles get destroyed.

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