Hard Knuckle

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Hard Knuckle
A multi-hit fist. Hold up or down to adjust its trajectory.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 3

Hard Knuckle is the signature weapon of Hard Man from Mega Man 3. The weapon fires the player's fist as a projectile. The fist starts off moving slow, but it will gain momentum as it travels, and it can be controlled by moving up or down, even if the player character is doing moves that require the use of Up and Down.

The version of this weapon featured in Mega Man Maker has the additional ability to bounce off enemies and resume flying forward instead of being destroyed upon impact. Unless the Hard Knuckle gets despawned, it can kill or destroy a target, including bosses. While bouncing on a target, it can still be put up or down, and the player may need to be precise when deciding when to move the Hard Knuckle.

There can only be one Hard Knuckle projectile at the same time, even when constantly attacking a target.