Blizzard Attack

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Blizzard Attack
Fires a spread of snowflakes moving in sevreal directions, destroying spines.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 6

Blizzard Attack is Blizzard Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 6, and is one of the weapons featured in Mega Man Maker.

The Blizzard Attack is a weapon in which, when activated, summons four snowflake projectiles around the player. Each snowflake travels in specific directions, and has the ability to travel through walls.

When the snowflakes are spawning they won't move, but can still deal damage. Once fully formed, the snowflakes will then travel in their specific directions. The first snowflake spawns above the player and travels diagonally upwards in the player's facing direction, the second and third snowflakes spawn behind the player at different heights and travel horizontally in the player's facing direction, and the fourth snowflake spawns below the player and travels diagonally downwards in the player's facing direction. All four snowflakes travel at the exact same speed. Each snowflake projectile will despawn if it either travels off-screen, or it collides and deals damage to an enemy. Once used, Blizzard Attack can't be used again until all four active snowflake projectiles are either despawned or deflected.

Blizzard Attack's weapon energy consumption was lowered from three per shot to one per shot, and it was also given the ability to freeze Flame Pillars like Ice Slasher and Perfect Freeze. If used on Flame Pillars, its projectiles will be able to pass though the flames.


  • In Mega Man 6, Blizzard Attack functions differently when used by Blizzard Man, in comparison to how it is used by the player.
  • Blizzard Attack can destroy the entire Gabyoall family.