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Artwork of a Tsuranattori from Mega Man 7
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 1
Damage: 2 (contact)

Tsuranattori are pink bird-like enemy robots primarily found in Cloud Man and Slash Man's stages from Mega Man 7 and are featured in Mega Man Maker as of its version 1.4.0 update. Tsuranattori will fly in a straight line until they get closer to the Player Character, at which point they will dive diagonally downward in the opposite direction and then turn back around and charge extra fast in the Player Character's direction once they are closer to them on a horizontal level.

If up to 6 Tsuranattori are placed in a horizontal straight line with no spaces in-between they will all spawn and move together even if some of their spawn points are not on screen yet. If in these groups of 2 to 6, Tsuranattori will not charge in the Player's direction until all of those in line finish their diagonal movement and turn back around. If one Tsuranattori in a group gets destroyed, then all those in the line will immediately panic and fly straight forward extra fast regardless if they were near The Player or not.


Groups of Tsuranattori In-Game
  • Tsuranattori's sprites used in Mega Man Maker were adapted from the game Rockman Battle & Fighters from the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Schmidkalkan did a few touch-ups to make up for the remaining difference in style.
  • Another enemy similar to the Tsuranattori appear in Mega Man 8. They are called Muragattori.
  • Tsuranattori's name is based on the Japanese words tsuranaru meaning to stand in a row and tori meaning bird.
  • The Movement of Tsuranattori is very reminiscent of common enemy types seen in games of the Bullet Hell genre.