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Official art of a Diarn.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
HP: 1
Damage: 3 (Contact) 2 (Projectile)

Diarn are flying diamond shaped enemies from Mega Man 9 that are featured in Mega Man Maker as of the 1.5.0 version update. To attack, Diarn will fly towards the Player Character in short bursts similar to the Pukapelly enemy from Mega Man 5. While moving however, they will be in a compressed state where their faces are hidden. In this compressed state they are completely shielded and can't be damaged unless specific weapons are used. Once they stop moving they will open up revealing their faces and fire off a single projectile directly towards the Player Character before closing back up and moving again. While the face is exposed they are not shielded, making them vulnerable to most weapons.

Diarn have 2 color pallets that can be chosen while in the editor. Teal-Green, and Pink.


Both variants of Diarn in-game
  • The official art of Diarn and its in-game sprites are are somewhat inconsistent with each other and have some differences. The official art shows them as being blue like the crystals Mega Man and Jewel Man summon when using Jewel Satellite and their faces consist of only their large eyes. The sprites meanwhile is a color of green similar to Crystal Man or pink like Jewel Man himself, and have what appears to be a small mouth or nose on it's face in addition to it's eyes. It's unknown if this was an unintentional inconsistency or if at some point in development either the sprite or the art received a last-minute redesign.
  • The "Shiny!" comment in the flavor text is an allusion to RoahmMythril. In his gameplay of Jewel Man's stage in Mega Man 9, he calls the diamonds and the Diarns shinies.