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Angry Okosutobon.png
A Okosutobon when it is angry.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
HP: 1
Damage: 3

Okosutobons are aggressive ocean mine enemies from Mega Man 9 that are featured in Mega Man Maker. Okosutobons will initially be in an inactive state where they are completely black with the exception of four small white spikes, making them appear somewhat similar to the Bubble Spike tile. When approached or shot at by the Player Character, Okosutobon will activate and enter their active state, where they will turn read and reveal a notable angry face. Once in this active state, they will aggressively follow the Player Character attempting to collide with them until they explode.

Okosutobon are very durable enemies, with very few weapons being able to destroy them, and as such avoiding them is the recommended approach to getting by this enemy especially to someone who is not well equip.

Weapons able to destroy Okosutobons

An Okosutbon in its inactive state.


  • Because of Okosutobon's behavior upon being attacked or approached, they are seen as very similar to the Scarfy enemies from the Kirby Series.