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Artwork of Cyorown from Mega Man 7.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 3 (Cyorown)
Damage: 4 (contact) 2 (projectile)

Cyorown is a small crow robot, with a pole for its lower body, and a small cannon located in its mouth. They are enemies that originate from Mega Man 7 from Shade Man's stage.

When Cyorown is spawned, it will stay in place and fire projectiles in its facing direction at regular intervals in the direction of the player.

The projectiles fired by Cyorown can be fired in 5 different directions per facing direction, for a total of 10 different directions. These directions include: horizontally left, horizontally right, 30 degrees diagonally up-left, 30 degrees diagonally down-left, 30 degrees diagonally up-right, 30 degrees diagonally down-right, 45 degrees diagonally up-left, 45 degrees diagonally down-left, 45 degrees diagonally up-right, and 45 degrees diagonally down-right.

If Cyorown's projectile collides with the player, Cyrown will cease firing temporarly to do a taunt animation. Cyrown will also taunt if Proto Man deflects its attack with his shield, regardless if the deflected attack hits Cyorown or not.

Cyorown can be set to face either left or right in the Level Builder, despite the enemy's ability to update its facing direction after firing a projectile, if the player manages to get behind it.

Cyorown is completely unaffected by gravity, and cannot be moved or crushed in any way by level objects.


  • Since Cyorown comes from the 16-bit game Mega Man 7, it lacks official 8-bit sprites. As a result, the sprites used in Mega Man Maker were custom-made by E-Clare as the enemy was originally made for the Megamix Engine, then ported to Mega Man Maker as its assets are free to use.
  • For some unknown reason, Cyorown taunts if Proto Man deflects its attack with his shield. It is currently unknown if this is a bug, or possibly an easter egg referencing the Proto Man boss fight hidden in Shade Man's stage in Mega Man 7, the same stage where Cyorowns also appeared as enemies.