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Version 1.4.2 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker and was intended to be the final update of 1.4.0, released on July 29, 2018.


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  • Implemented Discord Rich Presence! Discord will now automatically recognize the game and display what you're doing in the game. Don't worry, if you are building a level, it will not show the level name in case you want to keep that a secret.

Fixed Bugs

  • Destroyable enemy projectiles destroy Hyper Bomb instead of detonating it.
  • Stacked Push Blocks sometimes respawn improperly.
  • Playing a level through an auto-play link often reports an error on your first log in attempt.
  • Shadow Blade is not slowed down when Time Man uses Time Slow.
  • Firing your arm with Super Adaptor while on a ladder makes you use the incorrect sprite.
  • When getting an error when attempting to go to the online level list, you are taken to an unused menu.
  • Mega Man gets stuck in the ground while using Jet Adaptor in the air stream of an upside down fan.

Shortly after the release of 1.4.2, the developers discovered that Tornado Man's tileset was accidentally left in the game prior to the inclusion of Mega Man 9 assets in version 1.5.0. The development team tried to fix the issue quietly without spoiling the contents of an upcoming update; the online servers were temporarily locked, preventing users of version 1.4.2 from going online, and all downloads of 1.4.2 were taken down. Version was quickly released which removed the tileset from the game.

This incident is referenced in Tornado tile's flavor text added in version 1.5.0: "Encased solar panels for jumps high in the sky. Debuted prematurely."