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Version 1.2.2 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on December 20, 2017. This update brought the alternate victory poses and the possibility to change the screen with the F1 to F5 buttons. It also fixed glitches, especially those related to Crash Lifts.


New Features

  • Mega Man now has different victory poses for when he's in the air, sliding or climbing a ladder.
  • You can now use F1-5 to switch between different screen sizes at any moment.


  • Made the connection timeout for the random level option longer, so it should fail less often.

Fixed Bugs

  • Crash Lifts that start vertically sometimes mess up when playing an online level.
  • Crash Lifts can get stuck on edges after Time Slow is used.
  • Off-screen Crash Lifts sometimes go off their rails.
  • Press is not affected by Flash Stopper.
  • Press is not affected by Time Slow while moving up.
  • Time Man can destroy non-Time Slow blocks when said block belongs to your currently equipped weapon.
  • Your level card shows a very large negative number for your average score if you have no levels.