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Version 1.7.3 is a minor update to Mega Man Maker that focused on changes and bug fixes. It made changes to Blast Man and Bounce Man to make them more accurate to their behavior in Mega Man 11 and to make them less prone to bugs. It also added difficulty settings for the Wily Challenge mode and Wood Man's boss theme from the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8. The update was released by WreckingPrograms on February 26, 2021.


New Features

  • Added proper difficulty settings to Wily Challenge.
  • Added the missing Wood Man (Mega Man 8) boss music. Nice.


  • Blast Man has been improved to be more accurate to his source game behavior.
  • Bounce Man has been improved to better bounce off walls and be more accurate to source game behavior.
  • Wily Challenge's 'Minimum quality' option has been replaced by a double slider, allowing you to define a range of desired qualities.
  • Splash Woman now has a short wait time before being able to spawn fish again when surrounded by walls.
  • Freeze Man's editor mask has been changed from 2x3 tiles to 2x2 to better reflect his actual size.
  • Bunby Catcher will now turn invisible while the player is inside a Teleporter.
  • Item-3 can now carry Push Blocks.
  • Item-2 can now move Push Blocks, even if the Push Block is not on top of it.
  • Hologran now has a small buffer at the end to better allow for a continuous effect while moving vertically between multiple projectors.
  • Hologran's effect will stay while time is paused even if there are no projectors in view.
  • Quick Man now has a delay when he runs into a wall to reduce his difficulty.
  • When creating a new account, you can now continue offline before entering your email.
  • Updated Cut Tile (PU).
  • Updated Bass's Rotating Platform animation.

Fixed Bugs

  • General moving platforms enhancements, including Push Blocks being able to carry other Push Blocks while moving.
  • Kaona Geeno's head falls straight down when it is killed outside of its activation range.
  • You can enter the online menu with an incorrect password.
  • After being destroyed, ?-Tanks may leave their collision behind when restarting a level.
  • When playing a level online, then loading a level in the builder, the music is overwritten by the music from the online level.
  • If up, down or start is mapped to a letter key, said letter cannot be used when writing a message for a level report.
  • Ice Slasher's and Freeze Cracker's sparkle effects are drawn behind Rolling Drills.
  • When building a level containing Rain, if you load a different level, said Rain is sometimes not deleted properly.
  • Gockroach S cannot walk on jumpthrough platforms.
  • Gockroach S cannot land on a jumpthrough platform while flying.
  • Gockroach S can get stuck on corners.
  • Weapons such as Dive Missile, Super Adaptor and Hornet Chaser home in on Acid Drop.
  • Pile Driver destroys Flame Pillars when charging through them.
  • Enemies do not create their explosion effect when crushed by a player-made Super Arm block.
  • Bounce Man's trail does not spawn and he does not rotate when using Speed Gear from bouncing after grabbing a wall.
  • When the player stands on any jumpthrough moving platform, it can get unstable when hitting walls and make the player fall off it.
  • The description for Key Door does not fit in the description box.
  • Splash Woman stops spawning fish after her first attack if she stays in water.
  • Splash Woman does not always enter her attacking phase after entering water.
  • While targeting the player with tridents, Splash Woman may summon fish when reaching a wall.
  • Splash Woman sometimes delays her attack while targeting the player.
  • When the player is pushed into a ceiling by a jumpthrough moving platform, they may get stuck in the ceiling.
  • When the player is on a conveyor and under the oil effect, they can clip inside walls.
  • Tornado Hold's projectile sometimes can and sometimes cannot land on a Rotating Platform.
  • Bunby Catcher may not respawn after going off-screen and after the player takes a Teleporter to another room.
  • Submarine Flier may become invincible after the player leaves the room with a Teleporter.
  • When Brown is out of his barrel, the barrel doesn't deal damage anymore.
  • When set to infinite range, after respawning, Bunby Catcher lets go of you when hitting a wall if he had let go of you prior.
  • When set to infinite range, Bunby Catcher can let go of the player after they use a Teleporter many times.
  • When set to infinite range, Bunby Catcher can let go of the player after they grab onto a ladder multiple times.
  • Needle Cannon does not stick to Crunch Don's hammer to do damage over time.
  • After bouncing upwards on a moving platform, Mash Burner accelerates very fast and despawns.
  • Freeze Man gets softlocked when hit by an ice weapon while bouncing on springs if it is not set as a weakness.
  • When moving bosses when multiple are placed in a room, it is possible to crash after loading the level from the editor.
  • Boss projectiles which petrify, solidify, or freeze the player from Shade Man, Concrete Man, and Freeze Man cause the player to act abnormal when sliding in 1-tile-tall areas when affected.
  • Items may drop when Jewel Satellite kills Hot Dog's fireballs.
  • During Time Slow, when a Teleporter spawns in after a boss is defeated, its animation loops indefinitely.
  • Magma Generator beams are destroyed when solidified and then having Wind Storm used on them.
  • While bouncing on springs, if Bubukan's pole vaults into a low ceiling, it clips off screen.
  • While bouncing on springs, Spring Man can clip into ceilings when jumping.
  • When using Roll's spinning broom attack midair it sometimes does a ground attack right after.
  • When the player stands on the edge of a moving platform, they can sometimes fall off.
  • When a player slides into two stacked character capsules set to Roll, it can cause her to use the wrong graphics when the slide is stopped.
  • Super Arm cannot be spawned over Quick Lasers or Fuse Lasers.
  • The On/Off editor icon's number does not match the default number it has when placed down.
  • Super Ball Machine Jr.'s projectiles can pass through solid tiles if they hit them at a corner.
  • When standing on a Mash Burner bouncing on springs, if its flame is out, you can get hit.
  • Tango Jump does not jump up after being airborne.
  • When a Mash Burner is standing in Oil, said Oil is ignited and then put out again, the Mash Burner's solid collision gets misaligned.
  • Under certain situations, more than 10 bosses can spawn in one section.
  • Hologran's hologram effect despawns when you scroll the screen while time is stopped.
  • Levels from version 1.4 and earlier do not properly load the boss music changer setting, causing the stage to not end.
  • Roll's mouth has the wrong shade of red while using Scramble Thunder.
  • If a moving platform is moving down and time is stopped, the platform keeps its momentum. This causes the player to be pushed downward when they collide with the platform's ceiling.
  • Pre-1.5 Teleporters create a lot of lag.
  • Quick Man's boomerangs stay in place when reflected.
  • Freeze Man clips in 2 tile high areas when jumping.
  • If a Fuse Crosser activates a second Fuse Crosser, this second Crosser stays active indefinitely.

Nearly two hours after version 1.7.3 was released, WreckingPrograms released version on February 26, 2021, a hotfix version fixing an issue with Wood Man's boss theme and a few moving platform bugs.

Fixed Bugs

  • Wood Man (Mega Man 8) as a boss theme may override the Mega Man 8 midboss theme for levels made in previous versions.
  • Player can get crushed by moving platforms while in a Teleporter.
  • Enemies and bosses don't get pushed or crushed by moving platforms on a conveyor.
  • Bosses can't get pushed or crushed by moving platform in general in some case.

Nearly two hours after version was released, WreckingPrograms released version on February 27, 2021, a hotfix version fixing a crash with moving platforms.

Fixed Bugs

  • The game may crash under certain conditions when the player dies while a moving platform is on screen.

A day after was released, version was released by Luigi on February 28, 2021, fixing a crash with moving platforms, bugs with the Rolling Drill, and more.

Fixed Bugs

  • The game may crash if the player dies when moving platforms collide with spikes.
  • The game may crash if moving platforms are on screen when the level ends.
  • Teckyun can be moved and crushed by solid moving platforms.
  • Enemies without gravity can be pushed by moving platforms in certain cases.
  • Napalm Drill accelerates when spawned.
  • Napalm Drill can destroy itself when hitting another solid.
  • The player can go through Napalm Drill when standing on it.
  • Needle Cannon floats in place instead of moving with enemies.
  • Needle Cannon does not fall when the enemy they are attached to dies.
  • Mash Burner has its topsolid collision visible.