Wood Man

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Wood Man
Artwork of Wood Man from Mega Man 2
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
HP: 28
Damage: 8 (Leaf Shield)

4 (leaves)
8 (contact)

DWN-016 Wood Man, Is one of the custom-made Robot Masters built to destroy Mega Man during Mega Man 2. Introduced in the 1.2 update.

During Battle

Wood Man's AI follows a simple pattern that he won't stray from. Immediately on starting the fight, he'll throw up a Leaf Shield to reflect most projectiles. Following that, four leaves will rain down onto the Player Character to do damage, and the Leaf Shield will be tossed at the player mid-ways through the leaf rain. Wood Man will then leap towards the player and start the pattern over again. Unlike most bosses, defeating him does not despawn his projectiles: the falling leaves still can harm the player character until they fall from the screen.

Even if the Leaf Shield and the four upwards leaves are negated, four leaves will still appear.

His leaf shield cannot protect Wood Man of the Flame Sword, similarly to his appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8.


  • In Mega Man 2, Wood Man has the most weaknesses counting both full and semi-damage boost - Atomic Fire, Metal Blade, and Air Shooter all did extra damage (though the latter could only be seen during the endgame boss rush).