Weapon Capsule

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Weapon Capsule
A weapon capsule holding a Mega Buster
Description: Will lock its selected weapon until collected. Waited for 62 updates
Category: Pickups
Game of origin: Mega Man Maker

Weapon Capsules are Mega Man Maker exclusive pickups. They hold a weapon, and when a player touches the capsule, it gives them said weapon with full ammunition and forcibly switches them to that weapon. When you first place it on the stage, its placeholder weapon is Nothing. Level creators have to add the weapon they want to use to the weapons menu before putting it in a Weapon Capsule. This pickup was added in update 1.2.0, after players begged WreckingPrograms to add them. Weapons in weapon capsules cannot be used before collected. A player will lose their weapon if they die before getting to a checkpoint.

If the player already has a specific weapon and gets a Weapon Capsule of said weapon, its ammo will be refilled. By default, the Weapon Capsules are set to Nothing. A capsule set to Nothing will act as a Full Weapon Energy refill for the currently equipped weapon.

Weapon Remover

Weapon Removers are variants of weapon capsules that were added in version 1.4.0 of Mega Man Maker. Unlike weapon capsules which give the player weapons they do not already have, these capsules remove a weapon from their arsenal so the player can no longer use it.

Similarly to the Weapon Capsules, the player needs to define the selectable weapons before setting a Weapon Remover to lock a weapon. If not set to any weapon, they will remove all weapons from the player's arsenal.


  • The description is a reference to the Mega Man Maker Discord, where then moderator MrKyurem had kept count of how many times this asset had been requested until its addition.
  • Originally, dying and collecting the Weapon Capsule for a weapon would result in the weapon having the amount of weapon energy it did last time it was used. This was changed in 1.2.3.