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MrKyurem's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Beta tester (formerly)
Musician (formerly)
Writer (formely)
Moderator (formerly)
Also known as Kyurem
Seagull Warrior
Known for Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (judge and participant)
Mega Man Y+1[1]
Discord: MrKyurem#4780
Website: DeviantArt

MrKyurem is a former developer and moderator of Mega Man Maker. He entered in the team due to CosmicGem's recommendation. He stopped making music before initial release and after transitioning out of beta testing before 1.1.0's release due to creative differences, he remained a moderator until his demotion on May 26, 2018.

Aside from finding bugs and composing music, MrKyurem frequently gave suggestions about the game's design. He also helped to write some of the flavor text and arranged Oil Man's theme. Before the game's release, MrKyurem assisted WreckingPrograms in Shine and Nado's teaser videos by designing the levels. Some of the modifications to weapons from the six NES games were suggested by him, like Atomic Fire acting similar to its appearance in Mega Man 2: Atari De-Make.

During his tenure as a moderator, MrKyurem helped managing the Discord server and the Wiki. When the Wiki was created, he signed up to moderate it. In the Wiki, he helped shaping its policies by making it focused in Mega Man Maker itself.

MrKyurem previously judged and participated in Make a Good Mega Man Level contests. He is involved in the development of fan game Mega Man Y+1 as a co-director and designer.[1]



Music title Game of origin Added in Version Notes
Oil Man Mega Man Powered Up 1.0.0

Example levels

Level Added in version Note(s)
Napalm Factory 1.0.0