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The background menu in game.

Backgrounds are a set of graphics that can be placed behind the tiles and other game objects in Mega Man Maker. Each screen can only have 1 background and with some backgrounds the colors of certain parts can be changed via the background color setting. Unlike the first 6 Mega Man games they are not made out of smaller tiles, which makes them much easier to place.

List of Backgrounds

Mega Man 1

Image Name Description Version
Gutsbg.png Guts BG Do you have the guts to climb these rocks? 1.0+
Guts2.png Guts BG 2 A wall of rocks? It's hard to tell. 1.1+
Ice.png Ice BG Not quite a perfect freeze, but freezing nonetheless! 1.0+
Ice2.png Ice BG 2 A cold, dark green wall. Perfect for chilly rooms. 1.1+
Bomb.png Bomb BG Giant bombs on a stick, fitting in any scenario. 1.0+
Bomb2.png Bomb BG 2 A very bright green wall. I'm surprised it's still intact with all those explosions. 1.1+
Fire.png Fire BG Hot. 1.0+
Elec.png Elec BG Optimized for going up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up... 1.0+
Time.png Time BG Purple bricks from a clock tower. Can be used in many scenarios. 1.1+
Oil.png Oil BG A desert with a very grimy sky. 1.1+
Wily1.png Wily 1 BG Despite all the rust on this metal, it looks very pretty. 1.1+
MM1Wily2Bg.png Wily 2 BG Wily 1 but green. 1.4+
Wily2.png Wily 3 BG Yellow bars..? Wily must have run out of creativity. 1.1+
MM1Wily4bg.png Wily 4 BG Wily 1 but also green. 1.4+

Mega Man 2

Image Name Description Version
Bubblebg.gif Bubble BG A waterfall that doesn't give you an eye seizure. 1.0+
Bubble Altbg.gif Bubble BG (Alt) A darker waterfall that doesn't give you an eye seizure. 1.1+
Quick.png Quick BG Strike fear into your enemies with a reminder of the force beam segment. 1.0+
Wood.png Wood BG These are artificial trees, don't let the media fool you. 1.0+
Crash.png Crash BG Stars in several colors. Space physics not included. 1.1+
Flash.png Flash BG Perfect for fans of the color blue. 1.0+
Metalbg.gif Metal BG Lots of gears that serve no purpose at all. 1.0+
Heat.png Heat BG Perfect for fans of the color red. 1.0+
Wily3.png Wily 1 BG Will hopefully not be as overused as the music. 1.2+
Wily4.png Wily 1 BG 2 An ominous background that can build up tension for a boss fight. 1.2+
Wily5.png Wily 2 BG Miniature pipes and machines are interesting choices for a background. 1.1+
Wily6.png Wily 3 BG These sewers are best known for their large, mechanical fish. 1.1+
Wily7.png Wily 4 BG Blue as far as the eye can see. 1.2+
Wily8.png Wily 6 BG You can tell it's an alien cave because it's green. Deep. 1.2+

Mega Man 3

Image Name Description Version
Sparkbg.gif Spark BG Bzzt. Easily the most shocking background. 1.0+
Spark2.png Spark BG 2 Blue electric fence. Don't worry, you're safe in the foreground! 1.0+
Snake.png Snake BG Considering the excessive theming, why aren't these bricks made of snakes? 1.0+
Needle.png Needle BG This city has needles everywhere, no wonder all the residents moved away. 1.0+
Needle2.png Needle BG 2 You can't see it, but this entire wall consists of tiny needles. 1.1+
Topbg.gif Top BG Lots of flashing lights that serve no purpose. 1.0+
Shadow.png Shadow BG Only the baddest dudes use this background. 1.0+
Magnet.png Magnet BG This surface has a magnet so strong, it doesn't appear to exist at all. 1.0+
Magnet2.png Magnet BG 2 A nice cloudy sky, which should fit well in outdoor sections. 1.2+
Gemini.png Gemini BG Quite a few stars, keeps things simple. 1.1+
Hard.png Hard BG The iconic cliff from when you fight Break Man. Wait, this is Hard Man's stage! 1.0+
Hard2.png Hard BG 2 Perfect for spelunking, with support beams as a precaution. 1.1+
Wily9.png Wily 1 BG Gross, more sewers. 1.1+
Wily10bg.gif Wily 2 BG Lots of computer gubbins. 1.1+
Wily11.png Wily 3 BG These pipes have been jailed for their crimes. Can't trust anyone nowadays. 1.2+
MM3Wily4Bg.png Wily 4 BG A blue mechanical bee hive. 1.4+

Mega Man 4

Image Name Description Version
Skull.png Skull BG This background kills. 1.0+
Bright.png Bright BG One of the nicer backgrounds, with an electrifying blue. 1.0+
Dust.png Dust BG Circuitry. Lots and lots of circuitry. 1.0+
Drill.png Drill BG Is it normal for mine shafts to be red? 1.0+
Toad.png Toad BG Yet more sewers, now with plenty of green bricks. 1.0+
Pharaohbg.gif Pharaoh BG Ancient ruins, with some nifty torches to give it new life. 1.0+
Cossack1.png Cossack 1 BG Christmas came early, look at all these pine trees! 1.1+
Cossack2bg.gif Cossack 2 BG A generic fortress texture with a Snow Halation window. 1.1+
Cossack3.png Cossack 3 BG Orange blocks everywhere. Cossack needs a better interior designer. 1.3+
Cossack4.png Cossack 4 BG Sometimes, with this background, you can faintly hear dated meme songs. 1.3+
Wily12.png Wily 1 BG I feel like I need a shower... 1.3+
Wily12bg.gif Wily 2 BG Looks like the interior for a big purple warehouse. 1.3+
Wily14.png Wily 3 BG Wily put as much effort into this background as he did with the rematches. 1.3+

Mega Man 5

Image Name Description Version
Stone.png Stone BG Mountains that look straight from a cold beverage advertisement. 1.0+
Gravitybg.gif Gravity BG Defying the laws of gravity is fun. 1.0+
Crystalbg.png Crystal BG The most expensive BG, costing approximately $7.5 million for the crystals. 1.0+
Napalmbg.gif Napalm BG Trees are good for the earth. Plant a tree today. 1.0+
Gyrobg.png Gyro BG So many clouds, and yet, Cloud 9 is nowhere to be found. 1.0+
Wavebg.png Wave BG Lots of tubes to transport water. Be careful they don't break! 1.0+
SprBGCharge 0.png Charge BG Pretend you're on a train while you really aren't. 1.0+
Chargebg.gif Charge BG 2 Pretend you're on a train while you really are. 1.1+
Dark1bg.png Dark Man 1 BG A castle that looks like it was pulled out of a fantasy. Save the princess! 1.3+
Dark2bg.gif Dark Man 2 BG Heh heh, it looks like there's a face in the middle. I am a comedic master. 1.3+
Dark3bg.png Dark Man 3 BG Large towers and an unnecessary amount of satellites line the skies. 1.3+
Dark4bg.png Dark Man 4 BG A simple purple background that brings to mind structural collapse. 1.3+
MM5Wily1Bg.png Wily 1 BG If you are a fan of unfair spike drops, then this is the background for you. 1.4+
MM5Wily2bg.png Wily 2 BG For this next attempt at world domination, Wily uses poorly looping pipes. 1.3+
MM5Wily3bg.png Wily 3 BG The green pillars in the background used to flash, but Wily got a seizure. 1.3+
MM5Wily4bg.png Wily 4 BG A grid of plates that perfectly fit the rooms before a background-less one. 1.3+

Mega Man 6

Image Name Description Version
Blizzardbg.png Blizzard BG Why do I have to go skiing? Can't I just stay in my room? 1.0+
BlizzardBg2.png Blizzard BG 2 Frigid atmospheric halls that only faintly resemble the style of Canada. 1.4+
Windbg.png Wind BG Tower that oddly resembles Mega Water S. 1.0+
WindBg2.png Wind BG 2 A few neat clouds that only faintly resembles the style of China. 1.4+
Flamebg.png Flame BG A dark temple. Iconic buildings can be seen in the background. 1.1+
FlameBg2.png Flame BG 2 A gloomy cave that only faintly resembles the style of Saudi Arabia. 1.4+
Tomahawkbg.png Tomahawk BG Hard Man's background but prettier. 1.0+
TomahawkBG2.gif Tomahawk BG 2 A neat interior that only faintly resembles the style of the United States. 1.4+
Centaurbg.png Centaur BG Not sure what's so Greek about these towers, but oh well. 1.0+
CentaurBg2.png Centaur BG 2 A very dark sewer that only faintly resembles the style of Greece. 1.4+
Knightbg.png Knight BG A beautiful sunset sky with English trees in the background. 1.0+
KnightBg2.png Knight BG 2 An ancient castle that resembles the style of England quite decently. 1.4+
Yamatobg.png Yamato BG A large mountain from Japan with traditional buildings. 1.0+
Yamatobg2.png Yamato BG 2 Place this next to the first Yamato background to make it loop nicely. 1.0+
YamatoBg3.png Yamato BG 3 A secluded dojo that resembles the style of Japan surprisingly well. 1.4+
Plantbg.png Plant BG Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games. We got everything you want, H- 1.0+
PlantBg2.png Plant BG 2 A sawmill-esque buliding that only faintly resembles the style of Brazil. 1.4+
MrX1Bg.png Mr X 1 BG A large city, far off in the distance. Watch out that the moon doesn't crash down. 1.4+
MrX2Bg.png Mr X 2 BG Do you love green backgrounds? Now you get two green backgrounds in one! 1.4+
MrX2BgAlt.png Mr X 2 BG (Alt) Spaaaaceeeee 1.4+
MrX3Bg.png Mr X 3 BG These red walls are actually hiding a bigger production facility behind them. 1.4+
MrX4Bg.png Mr X 4 BG Stylish blue fences. You can hear the sounds of birds hatching in the distance. 1.4+
MM6Wily1Bg.png Wily 1 BG Wily ran out of budget to make a security system, hence this red fence. 1.4+
MM6Wily1Bg2.png Wily 1 BG 2 No one knows the purpose of these pipes. Perhaps they're for the air conditioners. 1.4+
SprBGMM6Wily2 0.png Wily 2 BG If you ever want to make a refrigerator stage, this background is for you. 1.4+
MM6Wily4Bg.png Wily 4 BG Pink girders appear to be very popular with Wily these days. 1.4+

Mega Man 7

Image Name Description Version
SpringBG.gif Spring BG A miniature city, far away in the night sky. 1.4+
FreezeBg.png Freeze BG Cossack would be proud of all the pine trees and snow. 1.4+
SlashBg.png Slash BG I wouldn't cook those eggs if I were you. 1.4+
JunkBG.gif Junk BG Can someone call the electrician to fix this lighting? 1.4+
JunkBG2.gif Junk BG 2 Optimized for going up and up and up... But this time the lights are out. 1.4+
ShadeBG.gif Shade BG A spooky green interior for a haunted house, complete with red eyes. 1.4+
ShadeBg.png Shade BG 2 A dark horizon that sets the perfect atmosphere to turn knights into werewolves. 1.4+
Shade2AltBg.png Shade BG 2 (Alt) Like the regular version,but much fancier. 1.4+
BurstBG.gif Burst BG Medical research facility, which creates healing bubbles, woo. 1.4+
TurboBg.png Turbo BG With this background,you'll always move fast and never get tired. 1.4+
TurboBg2.png Turbo BG 2 T-1 only produces the best tires! 20 percent off your second purchase! 1.4+
CloudBG.gif Cloud BG Another background with plenty of clouds, and some windmills to spruce it up. 1.4+
MM7Wily1BG.gif Wily 1 BG Apparently Wily has installed plenty of washing machines in his fortress. 1.4+


  • There is an unused version of the MM3 Wily 2 background that looks brighter and more closer to the original. It can be used by changing IDs, making it one of the four unused objects to work (along with the two unused MM9 enemies).
  • The Ice BG description makes reference to the Touhou Series, and the Touhou cameo weapon Perfect Freeze that appears in Mega Man Maker.
  • Both variants of Bubble BGs, having descriptions referring to "eye seizure", may be a reference to fast-animated eye straining waterfalls from various NES / Famicom games, including, but not limited to, Bubble Man's stage from Mega Man 2.
  • The Shadow BG's description makes reference to the game Bad Dudes (known in japan as DragonNinja), which plot revolves around the president being kidnapped by ninjas, and had became a popular internet meme for a time.
  • The Skull BG description makes reference to the fan game series "Skull Man Kills".
  • The Cossack 2 BG description makes reference to the song "Snow Halation", which is commonly associated to memes related to SilvaGunner, a person who made video game music parodies.
  • The Crystal BG description, claiming the background to cost $7.5 million, may be a reference to an episode of the TV show "Storage Wars", where $7.5 million was found inside a safe in a bought storage unit.
  • The Wind BG description makes reference to the unlockable "Wily Tower" mode from Mega Man: The Wily Wars.
  • The Plant BG description references the song "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses.
  • The Mr X 1 BG description is a reference to the moon from the game "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask".
  • The Mr X 2 BG (Alt) description is a reference to the Space Sphere from the game "Portal 2".