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Version 1.6.1 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on March 26, 2019.


New Features

  • MM3 Wily BG 2 is now visible in the BG editor UI.
  • MM10 Endless 30 tiles are added.

Fixed Bugs

  • The disclaimer lists 2019 as Capcom's copyright year rather than 2020.
  • You cannot join a locked multi-editing room by entering the ID.
  • In multi-editing rooms with editing disabled, you can open the weapons and music menus using the keyboard shortcuts.
  • In multi-editing rooms with editing disabled, you can toggle a section connection.
  • Pile Driver can clip you through walls if you hit something close to a ceiling.
  • Jewel Satellite deflects off various objects, such as Force Beams, Rotating Platforms, Sheep Blocks and various other gimmicks.
  • Wheel Cutter stops you from moving upward when a gimmick is above you.
  • Wheel Cutter does not climb up objects when they are resting on an Astro Gate button.
  • Wheel Cutter stops you riding up when under a Foot Holder.
  • If multiple Spring Men are placed in a level, they will fail to perform their jumps correctly and get stuck in walls.
  • When freezing a Fire Wall with Flash Stopper, then scrolling the screen, the Fire Wall does not move along with the camera.
  • If Fire Wall kills a boss while they are in their intro animation, the game crashes.
  • The Moving Elevator Vertical Stop would be drawn over tiles if the game spawned them in a certain order.
  • Descriptions for Wily Ladder 27 and 28 are swapped.
  • Magma Beam Generators placed on a top of the screen will play their sfx on the above non connected screen.
  • Water Shield absorbing Astro Man's projectiles can crash the game.
  • Bokazurah directly placed on springs will crash the game when played.
  • Bounce Man performing his ground pound when the player is dead causes the game to crash.
  • Descriptions for Torch BG and Torch BG 2 are swapped.

Fixed Bugs

  • MM3 Wily 2 BG is broken from 1.6.1.